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Comment: Re:Will there be an SOS OS as well? (Score 1) 214

by jpellino (#49763191) Attached to: Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things
Ah but would it be permissible to scan both the embedded sensors for spoiled milk and spoiled meat on the same device? The story I always heard was that there was an unspoken agreement that Brillo and SOS were different colors so that you could have one to clean cooking utensils for meat and one for cleaning milk product utensils. Only glitch is that SOS pads didn't go from red to blue until 1960 or so, and the relatives who told me that were keeping kosher long before 1960.

Comment: As with the faded memory of the pain of childbirth (Score 1) 380

by jpellino (#49758007) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0
one can now wistfully remember the birth of Windows. I was 6 years on Macs (supporting 28 units in a school) at that point, and remember looking at the Mac graphics and then the Win graphics ("I don't care what it takes - bonuses for anyone who can make this OS look sorta like AppleWorksGS!"), the placement of menus inside individual Windows ("How can we make people spend MORE time using our product?" "You mean USE it more, right boss?" "No, just spend more time using it.") and the mouse driver ("Remember that great scene in Bambi when he's on the ice? Let's make that an easter egg." "Sure, boss, we can have a little movie pop up when you hit crtl-alt-shift-esc-b" "No, you moron, I mean right there in the mouse behavior - it'll be a cherished childhood memory every time you try and point to something." It all but turned my mom & dad's Leading Edge D into my happy place. But hey, at least Media Player was included!

Comment: Interesting. (Score 4, Insightful) 190

by jpellino (#49710327) Attached to: Arab Mars Probe Planned For 2020
Five years to get from no rockets to an interplanetary orbiting probe. The video they produced clearly shows the launch from somewhere near UAE, so they're not just going to hire an existing launch-proven company/state to give their satellite a ride. Ambitious. Highly collaborative with the existing science community. Aces. There's a woman as Co-I on the project - well done. They're not going to try and land, good idea. And the not-landing part will fill in some pretty significant gaps in mars atmospheric science. The only true unknowns are how many freshman US legislators will become outraged and demand a congressional hearing.

Comment: Nonsense. (Score 1) 51

by jpellino (#49689189) Attached to: How Light at Night Affects Preschoolers' Sleep Patterns (Video)
Research protocols and IRB rules are built to allow research on children, through minor assent and parental permission. Happens all the time. In this case, for most circadian studies, it would mean using / not using the same screen-based devices that the children already use and then checking melatonin in saliva which is minimally invasive and poses no significant risk. "Lab rat" is hardly an accurate image. Your charge of only poor people cooperating in research when paid is also inaccurate. How do I know this? From serving for a number of years as an educator on a major research hospital's IRB panel, where we approved research involving children when properly designed, and proposed modifications when not. Also from conducting circadian rhythm research on children beginning 30+ years ago, when IRBs were just being developed. We erred on the side of safety at any decision point, and in one early study of 1,300 students (in a balance of urban, suburban and rural towns) had over 90% consent students overall.

Comment: *sigh* (Score 4, Informative) 105

by jpellino (#49678599) Attached to: ISS Crew Stuck In Orbit While Russia Assesses Rocket
The program was cancelled by the Bush II administration in 2004. The last flight happened while Obama was president, following a 1 year funding extension of funding authorized by congress in 2009 that made the last flight in 2011 rather than the originally scheduled 2010. If enough Americans told their senators and reps "I'll only vote for you if you get us another crew vehicle" we would have one in less than six years.

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