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Comment Re:Corporate death penalty (Score 5, Interesting) 118

I would advocate replacing the current practice of corporations being legally required to act in the best interests of shareholders only with a new hierarchy or rules, much like Asimov's laws if you will:

First, a corporation must act reasonably in the best interest of the general public.
Second, a corporation must act reasonably in the best interest of their employees where it doesn't conflict with the first rule.
Third, a corporation must act reasonably in the best interest of their shareholders where that doesn't conflict with the first or second rule.

A corporation jacks up the price of a generic drug by 7,000,000%? Sued by the general public.

A corporation informs employees that they will have to train their H1B replacements? Sued by their employees.

A corporation pays its CEO an unreasonably large salary with no evidence that that results in better executive performance? Sued by their shareholders. (This should be happening now...)

I like it better than a corporate death penalty, because many corporations do have value and importance to the general public that would be at risk of being destroyed because of a single bad acting CEO. With this scheme, the courts would have a framework for redressing these issues.

In the case of patent trolls, some patents are more obviously bullshit then others. The more obviously bullshit the patent, the more strong a case members of the general public would have to individually sue the trolls for obstructing their use of the technology. What if everybody who uses HTTPS could sue these clowns?

Comment Re:I'm going to enjoy this more than I should (Score 2) 481

You are making a very common mistake of free enterprisors here... you are ignoring (or denying) the externalities. Government intervention is necessary to deal with this problem. Some of the interventions, such as bumper design requirements to minimize harm in collisions effect both gasoline and electric cars, while others, such as emissions and fuel economy requirements only effect gasoline cars.

While there is certainly much to criticize about government subsidies for $100,000 luxury cars, they start to make more sense when the technology works its way down to the lower end. I would favor phasing out the subsidy based on the vehicle price, it should be $0 for anything over $50,000.

By the way, how much do you think gasoline would cost if all the subsidies for petroleum went to $0?

Comment Re:Misleading title (Score 3, Insightful) 279

It takes a capacity for being deliberately obtuse to fail to acknowledge that Malthusianism has been discredited for decades. Indeed, population growth is already going negative in many countries. All you need is to have good education and easy access to birth control.

Comment Re:Draconian family planning? (Score 0) 279


It is well documented that all you need to do to push the reproduction rate below replacement is to have comprehensive sex education and easy access to birth control.

We will probably have to move to ever more generous paid family leave policies just to keep the population stable.

So fuck off with the discredited Malthusianism.

Comment Re:Who wants to wake up in a Hell Simulation? (Score 1) 269

That reminds me of a Babylon 5 episode, "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars".

A far future (from the show's perspective) government creates holographic simulacra of the the characters from the show in order to make propaganda videos of them committing atrocities, only the Garabaldi simulacrum is a little too clever and causes some problems for them.

Comment Re:As a chemist, I have something to say. (Score 3, Interesting) 135

You are correct that heavy metals are everywhere. However, we can't trust corporations to self police, so we have government set limits. It is reasonable for the limits to be more strict with respect to a product that is marketed as a replacement for all of your meals, such as Soylent. Contrast this with tuna fish and mercury content, which is considered to be at acceptable levels when eaten occasionally.

Comment Re:Buckling spring for life! (Score 1) 147

Matias makes full-sized keyboards with mechanical switches that are much less expensive than the half-keyboards. They are priced from $130 to $150 or so. The half-keyboards are niche products and they are more expensive in part due to the tooling costs being a much more significant proportion of the overall cost of manufacture.

There are quite a few mechanical keyboards available on the market that are cheaper than Matias, and some that are more expensive. Unicomp has has both Mac and Windows layout keyboards for a bit less than the Matias boards. There are also a large number of offerings from various manufactures that use Cherry MX switches. The cheapest that I am aware of is the Monoprice Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches, which is about $60. It's acceptable, but the Matias boards have a much higher standard of build quality.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 1) 247

Don't forget to watch out for the opposing lane of traffic when you are the first one to go when the light turns green. I can't count the number of times I would have been flattened if I wasn't paying attention in that situation, and this is with a delayed green. Never take your right of way for granted.

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