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Comment: Re: What I find unbelievable... (Score 1) 129

by jovius (#49187197) Attached to: New Zealand Spied On Nearly Two Dozen Pacific Countries

Social conditioning since the birth. A belief that there exists a nation state; a reality shaped by a language and a culture and most importantly emotion, which can be manipulated.

The thing is that the people behind the agencies in any country are not patriots or nationalists, but pragmatic players of a game of their own.

In essence one could say they are the enemy. The trick is that cognitive dissonance keeps us not accepting that.

+ - Cryptocurrency based basic income program started in Finland

Submitted by jovius
jovius (974690) writes "Krypto Fin ry, the association behind Fimkrypto cryptocurrency (FIMK), has started to provide each registered Finnish citizen a payment of 1000 FIMK per month in December. 1000 FIMK equals few $.10 at the moment, and a bit over 100 people has registered so far. The registration is free.

FIMK is based on NXT 2nd generation crypto system; the add-ons and development making it into 2.5G. The roadmap includes payment cards and other technology to enable easier exchange between fiat currencies, FIMK, Bitcoins and others. Krypto Fin ry received 533 BTC in initial donations last Summer. FIMK can be traded for example on DGEX, and it's also a valid payment method in few stores in Finland."

Comment: Re:Various hacking tools? (Score 1) 224

by jovius (#48460297) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

Why think only offensive, when things could be really interesting with the possibility to code algorithmic defensive mechanisms. The execution time of the hacks on the server could be adjustable and be protected from hacking. That would allow for human reactions to come into play. Besides the actual weapon systems could be programmable, but this is not the traditional Counter-Strike anymore I guess.

Comment: Re: Ommmmm... (Score 1) 335

Except for example in the case where the said memories and the material for you to realize your existence are being fed to you, without you realizing that, from a cyclical tape storage of your existence. It doesn't really even matter if it's on reverse. But yes, it's the moment of now that spans the entire universe.

Comment: Re:Diversity is best (Score 1) 399

by jovius (#48189477) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

I suggest all robot crew. Telepresence capabilities and careful modelling and tracking of the environment will enable pseudo-realtime exploration on Mars. This is possible now.

If a crew is sent I wonder if actually a bisexual polyamorous crew would be the most cohesive. The less defences the better I guess?

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein