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Comment: The gambling industry is huge (Score 2, Interesting) 467 467

You shouldn't have a problem getting another job outside the gambling industry. However, even if you did, the gambling industry is HUGE. From the experience you get at this job, your knowledge of the industry will make you attractive to future employers.

Also, if you don't have a problem working in the gambling industry, you probably don't want to work for any future employer who does.

Comment: Re:After seven years, what's left but security fix (Score 1) 580 580

You are suggesting that XP doesn't have any bugs in it? Surely you jest. Have you ever tried setting up multiple keyboard layouts? Yeah, it will randomly switch to another layout while you are doing your work, and switching back to the other layout does absolutely nothing. The only workaround is to restart the computer.

Oh but wait, that's not a bug, that's just a preference. Forgive me for preferring that it work correctly.

Comment: Re:A DRM ban clause should be added as a constitut (Score 1) 1127 1127

Vote with your feet. There are alternatives available to Windows.

Dude, you're preaching to the choir. And the government hasn't just gotten involved with the browser tie-in. There was/is that stuff with the EU and publishing specifications for their smb protocol.

Comment: Re:I use dvorak not for the speed (Score 1) 663 663

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not an expert on the anatomy of the hand. I am only relating my personal experience. With that said...

I must strongly disagree that moving as little as possible gets you CTS. The hand is an incredibly complex part of the anatomy, and it didn't evolve in order to allow us to type. Therefore, any thing that resembles typing (computer typing, playing the piano, guitar, violin, etc.) must be considered an unnatural activity. Not that people shouldn't do these things, but that they should be careful when they do.

Conventional wisdom, especially in the area of playing musical instruments, suggests that in order to avoid CTS, the hands should stay as relaxed as possible when doing one of these activities. I don't know what research in this area has revealed (if anything), but I do know that staying relaxed has worked for me, both in typing and in playing the piano, and it has worked for countless other musicians.

As far as Dvorak is concerned, current computer keyboards require you to contort your hands no matter what layout you're using, whenever you have to reach for keys. The hand cannot be relaxed when it's contorted. I've found that Dvorak has moved the less used keys to those contorting areas, so you contort your hands less. Therefore, I agree with the original poster that Dvorak feels better.

I did a little googling on the Reach Method you talked about, and it looks interesting. I'd like to point too though, that it could be used equally well (if not better) with the Dvorak layout.

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