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+ - Red Hat HQ Moving to Downtown Raleigh 19 Story Tow->

Submitted by josmar52789
josmar52789 (1152461) writes "Red Hat is moving their world head quarters to a 19 story office tower once occupied by Progress Energy. With the move, they have committed to two more decades of operations in Raleigh, NC and hiring more than 1000 employees globally. In addition, the city of Raleigh is committing to Open Source calling itself an "Open Source city"."
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+ - OpenOffice UI Design Proposals Published

Submitted by
Anonymous writes "Today, various members of the community will be submitting their first revisions of proposals to the Call for Design Proposals to redesign the user interface of OOo. As part of Project Renaissance, attention is being drawn to the OpenOffice user interface, and it's "userfriendliness". Among the designs, is FLUX UI, which won an award at the Sun Microsystems Community Innovation Awards Program.

Anyone can, and is encouraged, to check out the proposals (scroll to bottom of page) and leave your comments so that the designers can improve their designs for the final deadline for proposal submissions to the community. Note, however, that not all submissions have been posted due to Timezone differences"

Comment: What About Open Source? (Score 1) 526

by josmar52789 (#27241079) Attached to: Sun In Talks To Be Acquired By IBM

Major Open Source Contributions:

IBM >> Linux, Eclipse

Sun Micro >> Java, OpenOffice, NetBeans, Virtual Box, xVM, Glassfish, OpenSolaris, ZFS, MySQL

I'm sort of nervous and excited at the same time to thing what could happen to these products... Hands down, Sun Micro is one of the largest contributors to OSS - but has limited development in the past.

The IBM buyout could mean a GPL'ed ZFS and OpenSolaris, a complete xVM, and an improved MySQL.... Then again, it just might mean end of life for some things.... We shall see....


Journal: ClamWin Affected by a "Y2k9" Bug

Journal by josmar52789
Unfortunately, quite a few of our clients are experiencing a bug with ClamWin Anti-virus that seems to be caused by an inconsistency with the new daylight savings time and the end of the year. The fact that user's are not at work (on vacation) means that the software has missed scheduled scans and is now getting confused about running those scans with the end result of initiating up to 50 different instances of the scanner in order to complete those missed scans. Many users seem to be affected b

Comment: Re:But isn't that the idea? (Score 1) 676

by josmar52789 (#26250907) Attached to: Michael Meeks Says OO.o Project is "Profoundly Sick"
You're right... I was the team leader for FLUX UI...

Coming up with a new UI concept is difficult, but sometimes there is a little negligence on the developer's part to actually implement the concept.

But I think that will be changing with Project Renaissance - mainly because everyone knows the UI is broken and needs a little TLC.

Journal: "Support the Free Software Movement" on

Journal by josmar52789's new web application, entitled Ideas for Change in America, allows users to submit and vote on ideas brought forth by the American people. Currently, in the Technology Policy area, an idea entitled "Support the Free Software Movement" is currently in 9th place - it has a nice write-up about Richard Stallman and the movement as a whole. Head on over and let our new President know how much we want free so

+ - SPAM: What's the deal with this? Seinfeld sells Windows 1

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "Apple keeps pummeling Microsoft in its ads, and yadda yadda yadda, the world's largest software maker plans to hire comedian Jerry Seinfeld for its new marketing campaign, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Continually painted by Apple and other rivals as uncool and unsafe, Microsoft plans to spend $300 million on a new series of advertisements designed around its "Windows Not Walls" slogan that will feature Seinfeld and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates."
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+ - Google's IT Infrastructure Secrets

Submitted by
Ponca City, We Love You
Ponca City, We Love You writes "The Wall Street Journal has an interesting interview with Douglas Merrill, Google Inc.'s chief information officer on how Google gives their workers the technology they need and keeps them safe without imposing too many restrictions on how they do their job. On Google's IT structure: "Google's model is choice. We let employees choose from a bunch of different machines and different operating systems, and [my support group] supports all of them. It's a little bit less cost-efficient — but on the other hand, I get slightly more productivity from my [Google's] employees." On Security: "The traditional security model is to try to tightly lock down endpoints, and it makes people sleep better at night, but it doesn't actually give them security. We have programs in our infrastructure to watch for strange behavior. This means I don't have to worry about the endpoint as much." On Enterprise Software: "Fifteen years ago, enterprise technology was higher-quality than consumer technology. That's not true anymore. It used to be that you used enterprise technology because you wanted uptime, security and speed. None of those things are as good in enterprise software anymore. The biggest thing to ask is, "When consumer software is useful, how can I use it to get costs out of my environment?"""

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