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Comment: Re:XXS and other issues (Score 1) 306

by jorx (#29734969) Attached to: Why Won't Apple Sell Your iTunes LPs?

It is quite likely that if they let people design their own LP's then Apple has to vet them for programming issues like cross site scripting especially if it allows HTML, Javascript or other languages to be active within them. And they just don't have the time to go over everyones code.

I'm sure Apple could employ someone for a mere fraction of $10,000 per album to vet the code.

Comment: Re:XP Sucks, Vista is Better (Score 1) 580

by jorx (#27507793) Attached to: Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support For XP
You're looking at Apple for a potential new computer... but you don't like linux for its lack of apps? What would you run on the mac that you couldn't run on Linux? Don't get me wrong, I'm a mac-fan (just ordered my second MBP in 4 years) but your statements don't make sense unless you need a very VERY specialized suite of programs.

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