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Well, if you read TFA (no, I'm not new here) they have a sidebar call out that answers your question...

"Software licenses for productivity suites cost Toulouse 1.8 million euro every three years. Migration cost us about 800,000 euro, due partly to some developments. One million euro has actually been saved in the first three years. It is a compelling proof in the actual context of local public finance," says Monthubert.

So about 8K in migration costs vs. 18K in licensing. Assuming another 2-3K of unforeseen support over training issues or missing features that haven't been caught yet it should be a significant savings. And if you factor in the migration cost as a one time payment and assume support costs go down over time as people get used to the new system than the savings become very large indeed after the three years cited in the article.

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Most of what I've ever had to use it for was pretty simple so genuinely asking here; is Dia not a good Visio replacement? Are there features in Visio that make it more attractive for even simple stuff or is it that Visio has advanced features that haven't been replicated elsewhere?

Comment: For trivial programming (Score 1) 367

by just_another_sean (#47517979) Attached to: 'Just Let Me Code!'

I find Vi/G**/Make is still pretty simple. And things like SDL, GTK, QT, etc. simplify things even more. Having watched Windows development evolve for a long time I can sort of see what the submitter is saying but on the other hand anyone who ever wrote a C program for Windows in the 90's using the original Petzold books should really appreciate the frameworks available for Windows programming these days.

Again, I'm talking "Coding for fun, hobby, learning" here, just simple stuff. If it's a business app or something where the subject matter is complex than my feeling is the tools are still more helpful in overcoming that complexity than having to do everything from the bottom up.

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by just_another_sean (#47506787) Attached to: A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting

Yes, Privacy Badger is a great tool. It's a little tedious when loading content from CDN's, can make pages look pretty bad unless you let a little tracking in... So I also keep my privacy set to delete everything when I close the browser. I also follow the guidelines here ( Scroll down to the Web Browser section ). It's Debian specific but easily translated to whatever mozilla based browsing experience you're using.

As mentioned in the HowTo you can check your "fingerprint" here:

And all that said, I have no idea at the moment if any of the above defeats the technique from TFA.

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by just_another_sean (#47474953) Attached to: Pushdo Trojan Infects 11,000 Systems In 24 Hours

This is what I was wondering... AFAICT the first link is /.'ed and the second link doesn't go in to any technical details. I'm assuming Windows until I hear otherwise but the geographic mix is interesting; are these Windows XP boxes? Is the fact that the infections are concentrated in India and Asia an indication of the many people there that have not upgraded?

I'd never heard of Pushdo before this, anyone else know more about it?

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by just_another_sean (#47469955) Attached to: Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty

I'd say Trey and Matt would have lines that rival Apple fans lining up for new iStuff of people ready to sue them. But I think in their case parody and satire protects them where Activision is going for gritty and realistic.

But IANAL and all that. I really don't know what to think here; Noriega is scum but laws should apply equally to all, regardless of how much of a dick they are. I know I wouldn't want people profiting off my depiction without my permission. Lucky me, I'm a nobody and don't really have to worry about! :-)

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