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+ - #RSAC: Open-Source Software Is a Public Health Hazard ->

just_another_sean writes: The folks at InfoSecurity have quite a bit to say about open source software, how pervasive it is and how utterly insecure it is.

Open-source software is cost-effective (in theory), easily accessible and represents a known development quantity that allows the pace of application innovation to accelerate.

There’s one issue: open-source also represents a vast, unpatched quagmire of cyber-risk that’s putting public safety at grave risk.

Suspiciously absent from the article is any mention of vulnerabilities in closed source software...
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Comment: Re:To the cloud (Score 1) 74 74

Well he's pushing for Open Source and TFA is light on details about whose cloud so perhaps he wants to migrate to an in house cloud? Still their problem but centralized a way that various departments can talk to each other easier where as now they can't because of disparate legacy systems.

I do agree with some previous posters about the scope of this project but I don't automatically reject the idea just because of the heavy use of buzz words (like "cloud")...

Comment: Re:Small sample sizes, and Correlation IS causatio (Score 2) 246 246

If tylervigen.com has tought me anything it's that you are 100% correct.

For example, did you know?

Motorcycle riders killed in collision with stationary object correlates with Corporate Political Action Committees (US)

Obviously PACs are bad for motorcyclists!

Comment: Re:Two links (Score 1) 138 138

Thanks, and for the record I automatically thought it was the editors, not sure in hindsight why that was my gut reaction but it was... Definitely not trying to pick on submitters! Even a poorly written (not yours, in general) but interesting submission should be displayed to us as a very well written submission, period, every time. That's what editors are for!

Comment: Two links (Score 3) 138 138

I very rarely complain about the editors and stay out of the beta discussions (but beta does suck) but I am getting as tired as everyone else with some of the submissions these days. If there are two articles that link to the exact same content but on different sites jut pick one and use it. Having two links just wastes the time of the users that actually RTFA...

* Yes, I occasionally RTFA, I'll turn in my /. ID on my way out now...

Comment: Goes to show (Score 1) 321 321

It goes to show that, especially in the computer security world, no good deed goes unpunished. You hear about it over and over, try to tell someone something is wrong with their computer security and the instant reaction is to shoot the messenger.

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