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Thanks, and for the record I automatically thought it was the editors, not sure in hindsight why that was my gut reaction but it was... Definitely not trying to pick on submitters! Even a poorly written (not yours, in general) but interesting submission should be displayed to us as a very well written submission, period, every time. That's what editors are for!

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I very rarely complain about the editors and stay out of the beta discussions (but beta does suck) but I am getting as tired as everyone else with some of the submissions these days. If there are two articles that link to the exact same content but on different sites jut pick one and use it. Having two links just wastes the time of the users that actually RTFA...

* Yes, I occasionally RTFA, I'll turn in my /. ID on my way out now...

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e.g., the preference of certain personality types for functional, static and strongly typed languages.

My guess is that this has a bigger impact on most projects than actual features of a chosen language. I was thinking it the whole time I read the summary and then, sure enough, it's mentioned as a disclaimer at the end...

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The posix subsystem was usable on NT4. Not so much since then. The latest version is basically a wrapper around the GNU tools and is more about Microsoft checking boxes on government forms when bidding on projects than anything else.

Cygwin is not perfect but I'd say it has far less issues than what MS offers.

Network authentication for UNIX systems relies on the insecure NIS protocol (LDAP- and Kerberos-based authentication require a third-party solution). Microsoft has released several hotfixes for Windows Services for UNIX, and at least one Security Update (KB939778). The GNU Project utilities are several versions older than the latest ones. A separate port of the up-to-date Debian utilities was started in 2007, but apparently abandoned in 2009.[26] Several of the text processing utilities in SUA (e.g. awk) are not compatible with Unicode or wide character text files.

I can't think of one application where Cygwin would not be far more beneficial than MS's half ass attempt at being Unixy.

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As if ensuring the survival of the human race isn't "productive". And, personally, I can''t think of anything more important that my wife does than be the awesome mother she is to our children. Now, while she's young and has the energy to go outside and play with them...

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." -- Bertrand Russell