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Comment: A tv that works (Score 1) 313

by jorisk (#36541226) Attached to: Apple To Start Making TVs?

I don't really care who makes my TV. I am a big fan of the Apple TV but I've also got an Xbox and a box for my incoming HD signal. The only thing I want for my TV I really care about (and unfortunately I was not able to find in any TV) is easy switching between my attached devices. I don't want to reach for my TV remote to switch HDMI inputs using a horrible menu. I just want to use my iPhone to start playing a movie over AirPlay and not care about what input my TV is set to. I just want to reach for my Xbox and start playing again without switching inputs, etc. The only reason I still have my TV remote is to switch inputs, every other device has it's own ways of control.

So if only Apple knows how to fix the HDMI switching problem (as the first in the world by my knowledge) I will buy their TV, for that reason alone.

Comment: App? (Score 5, Informative) 223

by jorisk (#34930866) Attached to: The iPad Will Get <em>Playboy</em> In March

While the article talks about an 'app' for the iPad, Hugh never wrote about an app. To be more precise he wrote "Big news! Playboy--both old & new--will be available on iPad beginning in March."

In later tweets he refers to 'Playboy on iPad', again without the word 'app'.

Based on earlier rumors we will either see a new Magazine store for the iPad (with subscriptions and a different policy) or Hugh is just making headlines by announcing a plain old HTML version optimized for iPad.

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