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Comment: Happens All the Time (Score 1) 180

by jorgepblank (#20970883) Attached to: Making Your Code OSS-Appealing?
Don't worry about it man. Like some have already mentioned, if you want the project to continue to live, you might have to stay with them for a while to manage the process, then appoint some people to take care of running it after that.

If it's really good and you can't stay, people will just take it and modify it themselves to fit their needs, or some people might feel similar feelings towards it and decide to work together to continue working on it.

Either way, I think it's better to upload it than to simply forget about it; You might not have a life, but not uploading it and forgetting about it would mean that all those years were a waste of time and was ultimately a failure, is that how you want to remember it?

I worked on The Instagib Project on my own for about a year, but the entire time I created documentation, forums, articles, tutorials, and a wiki for it. The Subversion was public so people could check out the code. I stopped working on it though because I got tired of it (Few people were interested in it, then again it could be that very few knew about it). The entire site has been inactive ever since (Like I said, it was all me, with the occasional passer-by awing at the game, then leaving). Although it was technically a failure, it's nice to realize that I was able to do all of that on my own (I started when I was 16 and I only had a little bit of experience in programming), and it'll be great for a resume in the future.

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