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Comment: Re:They need to lock this down now! (Score 1) 475

by joocemann (#48033219) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

We also have local animals to screen in case they became a reservoir.....

But oh... no.. lets keep letting people in and out of these plagued countries/areas with ease and only a quick one-time health check... .... THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE PEOPLE WAIT 2-3 WEEKS IN QUARANTINE IF THEY DECIDE TO GO TO SHITTY-PLACE-ON-EARTH RIGHT NOW.RIGHT? I would have hoped they did this over a month ago, and now, to be frank, they should be dropping the 3-week quarantine on Dallas.

How many predictions will the CDC be wrong about before they stop chasing it with "Don't worry"?

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Thank you! This is one of the biggest points.

Did you use needles during your visit?
Did you engage in intercourse with anyone during your visit?
Did you eat any bushmeat during your visit?

(Subject thinking about how a yes to question will seriously inconvenience him and his plans --- and then making the awful assumption everyone does which is to think he's special and probably is not a problem).

Subject: Uhh.. nope. I just bought some postcards and took some pictures. That's all.

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Dallas needs to be on lockdown for 21 days. The guy had symptoms for two days before he checked in...

My biggest fear about this is that the CDC has been wrong about their predictions all the way, and now they are CONFIDENT that this new 'blase' reaction to this guy is going to be enough and that we should (as they said in everything else that was wrong) 'not worry'. NOT WORRY? How about the people at the CDC show me that THEY are worried and working really goddamned hard to quarantine this plague -- that way I don't have to worry.

It's as if they're imagining the most positive outcomes and betting on it. PEOPLE'S FECAL MATTER GETS ON EVERYTHING! It's because we're animals! It's because we don't really wash our hands for 1 minute of scrubbing. Can we just get a grip on this and make everyone going to infected areas wait 2-3 weeks before they can travel? Is a little discomfort worth avoiding to put everyone at risk?

I'd love to see the CDC spokespeople bet their lives on their predictions. Why? If they doubt to bet their life, they will be forced to think about why they won't bet it. With every false confidence they project, they put us at risk.

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They are what I term, Tupac-Christians. It's where you wear a gold chain and cross and you talk about 'god' and such, but you've only got a few toes in the pool of faith and you spend 99% of your time contradicting the faith. From my experience, most people that call themselves Christians fit this model, and most people that I would think are adhering closely to Jesus/Bible, would say that those other people are not real Christians.

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by joocemann (#47899997) Attached to: $10 Bet Brings Researchers Closer to Industrial Scale Graphene Production

Way to miss the point. If you have the mindset of losing, you will lose. If you think your work is not marketable, you won't.

Do you know that fundamental science requires tools? Did you know that the best labs that find out amazing basic science findings get there by innovating amazing new tools? DO YOU RECOGNIZE THE REFEFRENCE TO JC VENTER? The human genome sequence is, in itself, hard to market and sell. The sequence was first found by one man, JC Venter. He beat a huge army of publicly funded labs. While those labs used existing technologies to each try to sequence parts of the genome and get together to glue sequences together, Venter innovated highly improved DNA sequencing technlology. And thus he sequenced the human genome first. Guess what followed? All of those labs, and more, bought his sequencing technology and the models to follow.

If you can't find something to sell then you're destined to beg for money. I'd love to see a world without money that allocates resource based on meritocracy... But that's not reality.

You may think I need to grow up, but I can guarantee you that you need to wake up and smell the coffee of capitalism and try to identify how to get what you want. If you're in the US and you will always beg for money, try your hardest to Elect Elizabeth Warren as president because she wants to double NIH funding.


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If you choose to read it in an insulting way, it is insulting. Or you can understand the gist of it which is to say 'pull yourself up from your perceived limitations and do what is necessary to rise to a superior position in life." But.... You know.... You're interested in arguing about communication, and not staying on topic; The next generation of wasted life. I can guarantee you that you'll grow a lot more in life by staying focused. Then again, if you're here to learn about communication and not about the subject, this is right up your alley.

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Right. But with good design, the water can be stored efficiently without evaporation, and the top of the container could possibly be engineered to collect/filter rainwater as well as an added benefit. I'm not trying to give you the best solution -- its just a simple idea I have always considered; loading electrical energy into physical potential energy by way of working against gravity. Maybe, instead, just run a big heavy chunk of metal up a notched pole? Then release it to spin a worm gear, to a large cog, then big generator as it slowly drops?

If I had resources, time, and money, I'd love to live out in a cabin somewhere and toy around with simplified energy storage solutions.

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I am super excited. The graphene capacitors from UCLA (about 18 months ago) can now be scaled up. They hired some company to try to scale up their tech, but maybe this finding can help. The implications for this is that new technologies are going to arrive in your hands and homes. Enjoy.

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Also, I am an engineer of sorts (cell biology). I use Celsius and meters every day. My understanding of a variety of units of measure only helped to understand the original point the OP was making, which was to say "awkward unit system you use". If you can get over that hangup, you might actually be part of the real conversation.

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