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Comment Re:It's a badly written article/summary (Score 1) 484

Those rubber stamps are ridiculous. China and India put out waves of certified idiots. What do you expect when you have a system where the majority of students cheat, and are permitted to do so? There are loads of articles on this topic because the tests and applications and such are so frequently cheated.

Comment Re:Still useful research (Score 1) 224

The thing is, we can already assume that most of the chocolate research will simply tell us that we eat too much of it and it is making us fat. People don't like inconvenient truths, as is found with AGW data. If your job is to basically find out the nitty gritty details about why people should stop doing something they like, you might not have a job for a long time.

Comment The article lacks substance! (Score 1) 327

This article is loaded with suppositions and guesses that don't really nail down any hard believable hypotheses or facts for a reader to take away. There is no takeaway message. I came away from this read having wasted my time. The whole article can be summed into a single line that could maybe be a popular tweet "For some people, maybe, angling solar panels westward might pick up energy when they need it most."

But the article is clickbait by the whole 'you're doing it all wrong' part that makes potential readers think there is some new big fact that will prove something worth learning. NOPE.

Lame article.

Comment Re:And this is how perverted our system has gotten (Score 1) 436

I agree. I don't see a problem with maintaining our rights and then busting murderers, rapists, thieves, etc, when they actually are caught doing the crime or afterward. We can't all be so scared about the possibility of bad things that we give up the great things we have (rights/freedoms). Are we seriously trying to move into thoughtcrime and massive nanny-state/big-brother living where we need the government to PREVENT anything bad from happening? Please... Life is too short, even when it goes well, to shut it all down in fear.

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