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Submission + - SPAM: Here's how to build an All-Star eSports event

jonyami writes: When it comes to thousands of fans in person and millions of online spectators eyeballing your big eSports event, you need to make sure it's a spectacle. Last year's League of Legends All-Star event attracted 18 million unique viewers online, but just how exactly does an event like that come together? A new interview with Riot Games' head of eSports, Dustin Beck, explores exactly that to find out how you plan a huge international event.
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Submission + - SPAM: The hidden beauty of Vitamin C

Leo Kent writes: An amazing short film of award-winning photographer explaining the art of microscopic photography (aka Photomicrography). He created the image using a Canon 5D MKII which he attaches to an Olympus BX51 Microscope. In the short film he shows you how to see and photograph Vitamin C at the crystalline level.
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Submission + - How to hunt in Evolve->

An anonymous reader writes: A new preview of the next-gen co-op shooter from the studio behind Left 4 Dead sheds light on some interesting new tactics available to you as both the team of hunters and the Alien-style monster trying to survive in dense jungle vegetation. Everything from suicide attacks to flame throwers giving away invisibility is on offer, making Turtle Rock's first next-gen game look very promising indeed — is this the future of multiplayer gaming on consoles, not Titanfall?
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Submission + - SPAM: We wish these next-gen demakes were real

jonyami writes: What if our next-gen favourites were turned into retro gaming masterpieces instead? A new article imagines an alternate reality where retro is king, and our top Xbox and PlayStation games are born into classic consoles instead, such as a Mario Kart Game & Watch, Dark Souls 2 on Game Boy and more. Anyone for a Titanfall Tiger handheld?
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Submission + - SPAM: What was the greatest age for indie games?

jonyami writes: Indie games have existed for as long as there have been something to play, and something to play it on. From the humble Apple II computer to the PC, Xbox Live Arcade and the Kickstarter revolution, just what was the greatest age for indie games? A new article takes a look at the various eras, the top indie games and the future — which one do you reckon's on top?
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Submission + - How HSL is taking eSports mainstream at high school->

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting interview with the creators of the High School Star League, an organisation dedicated to furthering eSports as a viable hobby and even a career for children and young adults. The HSL has been active in the US for a while but is now making a headway into Europe, where it's finding Counter-Strike is proving much more popular than RTS and MOBA games. There are also a significant amount of girls getting involved as well — as many as seven percent of competitors. It's a start, right?
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Submission + - Can Warface justify the blockbuster free to play shooter on console?->

An anonymous reader writes: Warface, Crytek's free to play online shooter, has just launched on Xbox 360. Unusually, it's a free to play game for Xbox Live subscribers, in the same vein as Killer Instinct is on Xbox One, and with 25 millions players worldwide on PC already, it could make a big dint in the market for premium console shooters like Titanfall and Destiny. In a new interview, Warface senior producer Wim Coveliers reveals how the game evolved, and confirms that there are no plans yet to roll the game out to Xbox One or any Sony console.
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Submission + - Trials Fusion: The game that was designed to break your spirits->

Ben Sillis writes: Trials Fusion, RedLynx's latest addition to its hit balance/physics biking series, is already destroying the minds and thumbs of gamers worldwide — a new feature looks at some of the insane crowdsourced levels gamers have made using the same track editor that the Finnish studio used, that comes bundled on the disc. Can you complete any of these? Almost certainly not.
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Submission + - SPAM: How Shaq-Fu made a fourth quarter comeback against all odds

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting new interview with the brains at Big Deez Productions, the studio behind Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn, the sequel to what many regard as one of the worst/most baffling games of the 16-bit era. The developers reveal their inspiration for resurrecting the game, as well as the former NBA legend's involvement in the PC sequel which is currently on Indiegogo and looking for funds for cross platform support:

“Shaq plays everything, but is particularly enamoured with fighting games. You should see the controller in his hands – though I can't figure for the life of me how he plays so well with such massive fingers!” CEO Matt Karch jokes.

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