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Comment Go for it! (Score 5, Insightful) 274

This question so accurately describes where I currently work, that I'm seriously wondering if you're talking about my company. If so, I can tell you, I am one of the younger guys who works at a company exactly as you described and we recognize that we lack experience. We have youthful vigor, time and energy, but we are hungry for experienced people who have seen the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made and give us guidance. There are always the people who put in the extra time because they are young, with no spouses or children, and the culture is sort of transitioning from a startup to a more compartmentalized corporate culture. We recognize the people who put in the extra blood sweat and tears, but we also recognize the value of an experienced worker who doesn't have to do that, and as such, there is no negative stigma from the company culture around people who want to go home at the normal time, and stick to putting in sane (40 - 50 hour weeks) time. I say go for it, because the older guys in the club get respect and recognition. If you really have wisdom and have not wasted your years, then your experience will be plenty to show for it.

Comment Authentication (Score 1) 464

Along with virtualization management, do not virtualize whatever system provides authentication to allow you to manage the VM's (domain controllers in the case of hyper-v). Other than for hardware requirements (PBX, phone interfaces,anything requiring proprietary hardware) everything else is fair game. The list of hardware that can not be accessed by a VM is getting shorter, as virtualization giants have started to support giving VM's some GPU time on the host, as well as access to USB devices.

Comment PFSense (Score 1) 319

If you are willing to replace your router, I highly reccomend the FreeBSD-based router software "PFSense". It runs on any X86 hardware, and combines the ease of use of a commercial router, with the highly advanced networking features of expensive routers, while running on any hardware you have (so if it breaks, you can just move your config files to another machine, boot it up, and begin running again). I am so confident in it, I deployed it at my workplace, a multi-million dollar business with about 75 users, and several WAN Connections. Recommending it because it includes a bandwidth meter, is like recommending an airplane because it has a reading light; That is only one of its many features and uses.

Submission + - LifeSize Extends Video Calling to Skype Users (

An anonymous reader writes: For those of you who have been waiting for a way to talk to Skype users via your HD videoconferencing equipment, LifeSize just announced that it is extending video calling to Skype users Worldwide. LifeSize is the first company to deliver a room-based video conferencing solution with Skype. I, for one, am excited!

Comment Nokia N900 (Score 1) 274

Yes, I have an N900. Unlocked from the factory. It's like the PS3: Amazing hardware, Abysmal software/support. Unlike the PS3, however, I don't have to fight for root access. I would rather have a phone that worked better, than a phone with a nice spec-sheet.

Comment It was decent (Score 2, Interesting) 90

I played the game before it shut down. Imagine GTA Multiplayer, (much better than MTA). The only problems with it were the massive amounts of hackers and a broken Matchmaking system (which was easily fixable, it matched players up by "threat level" which could be manipulated by actions, rather than a players "rating" which determined progress in the game (unlocked vehicles, weapons, clothes, etc). The gameplay was extremely fun when you weren't matched up against a hacker, or somebody 10 times your rating. I would play it again if they bring it back, and do something about the hacking and matchmaking. There were no real "levels" in the game like a traditional MMO. Someone fresh into the game could make kills on veterans, and win missions, if they were skilled enough (although that didn't happen often, it was do-able).

Comment I think you all missed something (Score 1) 446

While it is a bit funny, Don't forget chemical Hazards. Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, etc. Especially if any of the materials come from China, You should test their chemical composition. China Hasn't yet gotten the Memo, that we don't like Toxic Cadmium in our McDonalds happy meal toys (Age 4+).

Comment Who's at fault then? (Score 1) 238

Maybe if Slashdot Editors weren't trolling around the internet LOOKING for just such scathing material, we wouldn't have this problem. It's turning into DIGG, in a bad way. I hate seeing articles titled "Bill gates kills 1,000,000 cute puppies"! only to have the actual article be about some random 10 year old workstation that blue-screened at a stuffed animal factory. I find that CMDTaco is usually the one with the most Torch-and-Pitchfork attitude in writing, usually trying to paint something in a bad light. My impression of him, is that if Ghandi was discovered to have used a Sony product, we'd see an article the next day "Ghandi supported evil capitalist empire" (Regardless of how Evil Sony is, the articles always seemed to have a slant to them)

The Sun Unleashes Coronal Mass Ejection At Earth 220

astroengine writes "Yesterday morning, at 08:55 UT, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory detected a C3-class flare erupt inside a sunspot cluster. 100,000 kilometers away, deep within the solar atmosphere (the corona), an extended magnetic field filled with cool plasma forming a dark ribbon across the face of the sun (a feature known as a 'filament') erupted at the exact same time. It seems very likely that both eruptions were connected after a powerful shock wave produced by the flare destabilized the filament, causing the eruption. A second solar observatory, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, then spotted a huge coronal mass ejection blast into space, straight in the direction of Earth. Solar physicists have calculated that this magnetic bubble filled with energetic particles should hit Earth on August 3, so look out for some intense aurorae — a solar storm is coming."

Comment Don't forget about performance... (Score 1) 165

I would look more to the issue of drive performance as the main cause of this. What happens to a spinning platter hard drive, when it has to read data from half-way in the disc, rather than from the outside? Performance drops anywhere from 45 to 70% once you have your hard drives filled half-way. Naturally, in order to keep high performance on real-time critical data, you have to get higher density platters, and only use the outside of them. Unfortunate as it is, I think this is more of a cause for un-used storage space than under-prescribing.

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