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Comment: Re:Summary: not a Linux problem, but a BIOS proble (Score 1) 156

by jonescb (#36583182) Attached to: Nailing the Cause of Recent Linux Power Issues

Support for Hybrid GPU setups in the kernel has been supported for the last few releases. If you google for something like "linux gpu switcheroo" you should be able to find what I'm talking about. Yes, it was called "Switcheroo" by the original author of the code. The primary way of switching GPUs is through the /sys filesystem unless there are some GUI programs that do that for you.

Comment: Misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 220

by jonescb (#36555286) Attached to: Android Phones More Prone To Hardware Problems

Keep in mind that this is 14% of _support calls_. Using the same logic as the summary, you could say that Android phones have fewer software issues than other phones because only 86% of calls are related to software. That is assuming there isn't a third option in support calls.

The article even states this, they don't have shipment numbers for devices so they don't have data for the phones that don't require support. Their sample is only phones that people are having problems with in the first place.

Comment: Given enough electronics, this would be easy. (Score 1) 140

by jonescb (#36554998) Attached to: Volkswagon Shows Off Self-Driving Auto-Pilot For Cars

It wouldn't be hard to set up a self-driving vehicle if you can make the assumption that all cars on the road have some sort of wireless signal that the self driving car can use. For instance, if the car ahead of you is slowing down, it could be broadcasting it's speed to other cars behind it, so the self driving car won't plow into it. There could also be construction signs that tell cars about construction zones and lane closings. You could stick these on stop lights too. For navigation, it could use a GPS perhaps with some electronics on the road to assist with going around curves or marking lanes.

I'd hate to be a pedestrian though. I can't think of a reasonable way for self driving cars to detect people crossing the street without people having to wear bracelets that broadcast another signal. It'd be cooler in my opinion if all of this was done without image recognition which is always a fuzzy issue.

Comment: Re:I can't read Dutch... (Score 1) 143

by jonescb (#36528646) Attached to: Dutch Legislature Accidentally Votes For Internet Filtering

You're supposed to vote for the party. No matter who the candidate is, they will vote based on the party's platform more than 95% of the time. If you agree with that party's positions, it's a safe bet to vote for whoever they put up as a candidate.

If you truly don't like the candidate, vote against him in the primaries when they're selecting their candidate.
Even Mr. Non-partisan Maverick John McCain voted with the Republicans something like 95% of the time.

Don't ever vote based on your opinion of the individual. Even if the guy is a child molester, he'll give you what you want if elected. If you vote for the other party because your candidate has questionable morals, the other guy is just going to screw you over with how he will vote in the legislature.

Comment: Progress in financing education? (Score 1) 651

by jonescb (#36449918) Attached to: Obama: 'We Don't Have Enough Engineers'

To quote Obama in TFA
"We've made incredible progress on education, helping students to finance their college educations"

What progress? I'm still paying huge amounts of money for college. Why can't it be free like it is in Finland or other European countries? Oh right, that's socialism. Didn't mean to rock the boat too much.

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