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Submission + - Nvidia & laptop manufacturers ignore Linux use->

nocleverhandle writes: "NVidias's Optimus technology does not work well with an OS other then Windows7 — and it is becoming pervasive.

As the forum poster says, that is understandable. Linux ( may have something in the future, but in the meantime Linux users trying to buy a high-end laptop face an ugly situation having to pay for and power a Nvidia graphics processor, but getting low-end graphics from the built-in Intel graphics processor."

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Comment Blu-ray + Streaming Network Shares (Score 2, Informative) 516

I just hooked up a LG BD570 for <$200 that plays Blu-ray discs, Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, other online content, files on a networked CIFS share from a Windows box and has built-in wifi. Only issue I've noticed is that it doesn't play .vob files from a network share.

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