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Comment: Re:Why on server? (Score 1) 133

by joke_dst (#33001430) Attached to: Open Source OCR That Makes Searchable PDFs

Because you want an internal infrastructure that allows you to replace the scanner easily. Those thing brake down, or more importantly gets replaced with faster new scanners.

One of my clients has a scanner farm that scans documents, then the images are sent to a OCR server farm. It's way easier to replace any part if it that way (we're actually trying out a new OCR suite right now so I'll test this one).

Even if you just have one scanner and does OCR on the same machine, braking it up this way makes it easier for you in the future.

Comment: Re:I for one... (Score 1) 260

by joke_dst (#31510140) Attached to: Scientists Demonstrate Mammalian Tissue Regeneration

So it's entirely plausible that the gene might have been caused by a spot mutation very early on while all mammals were basically mice, and it then had a sufficiently small effect on actual survivability that the trait didn't get bred out.

Not really. Unless there was an actual advantage to having the gene there will really not be a "sufficiently small effect" as long as it's greater than zero.

And there IS an advantage of having this gene: Scaring.

Scaring is faster and fixes you up good enough for most part. Regenerating takes so long you might very well die from the damage before it's finished.

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Journal: SQL Server Search in stored procedures

Journal by joke_dst

A small script to search for a string in all stored procedures/triggers/functions etc. It outputs every occurance with some context (currently 50 chars before & after)
This searches for InFileID. Replace with something else.
This is not a stored procedure, because I don't want to create stored procedures in every database I need this functionality...

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by joke_dst (#29036881) Attached to: I Appreciate The Ergonomics Of My ___ The Most

It's not equivalent. In a CRT the "image" only appears when the ray passes a certain pixel, the pixel then goes more or less black. In a LCD the pixels are shining all the time, and then suddenly changes color.

The effect of this is that the brain interpolates better on a CRT, when the pixel is black the brain fills the void. This does not happen as well on LCD, which is why we need much higher refresh rates on LCD's to get the same impression.

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Journal: bash script for ignoring all .*.cmd files

Journal by joke_dst

This command finds all directories with .*.cmd files (like all the .o.cmd files generating when building the kernel) and set the svn ignore command on them

svn status | grep "\.cmd" | cut -b8- | cut -d. -f1 | sort | uniq | xargs svn propset svn:ignore '.*.cmd'


How Demigod's Networking Problems Were Fixed 65

Posted by Soulskill
from the crunch-time dept.
The launch of Demigod was troubled by piracy and networking difficulties, which publisher Stardock worked quickly to correct. They've now released a documentary that gives a detailed look behind the scenes of diagnosing and fixing those problems. It includes meetings, interviews with the devs, and part of the bug-tracking process during a frenzied 108-hour work week.

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