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Comment Horrible idea (Score 0) 490

Citizens voting on laws routinely is horrible. Assumes citizen majority should legislate. Why? We have more than enough impractical and counter-productive klaws as it is, and the outrage of public concern leading to legislation just so the appearance of action is created...more stupid stuff like the TSA.

Democracy is a great way of passing up/down judgement on one's representatives, and fairly stable in a constitutional framework. Direct legislation works at all, only when the legislators can all know and negotiate with each other.

Comment Kinda Like Ubuntu Software Center? (Score 0) 578

Kinda Like Ubuntu Software Center?

Ubuntu has a similar listing of OS-vendor available add-ons. I doubt anyone objects, except maybe add-on vendors lol, as one need not look at it unless one wishes to.

I use Ubuntu, Mist, and just about every version of windows, some on drive partitions on various drives/devise, some on VMs. I do have Win 10 Pro 64 Build 10565, but on my experimental windows partition for the moment, so Iâ(TM)ve spend only about 20 hours with it â" so far, all good.

Iâ(TM)ve only used Apple stuff in institutional settings, where the school or firm either outright forbad software additions, or strongly discouraged it, but I understand Macs and iCrappers have a similar feature, offering Apple-approved add-ons on various kinds.

I havenâ(TM)t even looked at a Windows start menu in years, except maybe once each time I get a new build, or maybe if working on the phone with someone Iâ(TM)m helping, or who is helping me.

I canâ(TM)t see and objection â" except maybe from excluded vendors of add-ons â" to a device or OS vendor supplying a place to view whatever add-ons they currently choose to recommend, as long as one need not see that place unless one wishes to (the variations Iâ(TM)ve actually noticed work that way, itâ(TM)s voluntary).

Iâ(TM)ll take another look at the 10565 MS Start screen; perhaps the ads get in the way if one actually tries to use it; I find the whole idea of scrolling repulsive and would rather avoid such screens. Facebook is bad enough in that regard lol.

Comment Always believed in MY Golden Rule (Score 0) 139

Always believed in MY Golden Rule: regretless workability: what's right IS right because it works, and vice verse; no regrets, no problem. Sidesteps human evolutionary features such as ego feelings and beliefs, let alone silly stuff like culture, identity, politics, religion.

The bad deal with Iran has led the smarter people elsewhere to fix the problem the usual way: brains and work. ROTFFLMFAO.

Comment Measuring Ignorance Wont Help (Score 1) 165

I'm convinced that scientific management is anything but, as it assumes that management understands what is relevant, causes and effects, and employees, none of which is the case.

For example, I had the highest customer retention, the greatest community support, and the greatest revenue of any one in the tax department, yet I did as I pleased, broke every rule, but always I pursued the bottom line benefit for my employer, my customers, and our citizens, and they knew it in their hearts. But can what I do be measured? Not even by me!

Comment everything is (Score 0) 127

everything is political - somewhere someone cares enough to bring it up with others; that's politics. everything is also a matter of free speech - every person ought to be totally free to do whatever they like, except in cases where either scarcity require choice or the actual action causes demonstrable material harm to which the harmed person objects.

Comment economics aint science (Score 0) 157

Once upon a time it was 'political economy'. That means policies to benefit one's values and interests, which is what we get from economists. That's not really useful. Fools can figure out which policy of several supports their own beliefs and vested interests, that's what voters do in elections.

Forecasting and explanatory models that actually tended to fit reality, going both backwards and forwards, would be very useful. High time.

Comment Voters - not money - nare the problem (Score 0) 165

Voters, not money, are the problem with democracy. Voters are empowered only to select whether their existing representatives ought to continue, or be replaced. Government exists to provide security, order, justice, protection of rights and property, essential legal physical and social infrastructure that benefits the entire community, and a safety net for social peace and individual dignity. When voters add other things, that's whemn the whole society starts sliding towards collapse.

Comment Agree on London (Score 0) 410

I'd think it would be obvious: London is the closest thing we have to a planetary capital, and has been such for 250 years. Here in one spot: a major government with world wide connections; one of the three and sometimes the foremost finance center on the planet; a huge and diverse population; access to some of the oldest best and most advanced centers of education, research, and technology on the planet; in relative terms, quite close to all significant places save those around the Pacific; equidistance from the west and east sides of the Pacific; and by far the largest city in one of the three world super-powers, Europe. London also has a cultural life and a history as rich/long as most any inhabited spot.

Besides, I love it there. Parks plays museums great transit great shopping marvelous neighborhoods to explore, to walk, places to eat to drink to socialize. The real food of all the planet's peoples. And wild and solitary places within a travel time of a few hours.

The weather...let's not talk about the English weather lol. But then the central valleys of California actually would be uninhabitable at least most of the year, but for vast amounts of imported water and energy, the weather there is imho world class awful, and so is the air.

Comment Copy Wrong? (Score 0) 210

How can a language of any sort be "copyrighted"? If it can be, it ain't a language...but a recipe. Languages evolve. Users could in general agree that an Oracle o9r a Websters would be the yardstick for standards or for spelling, but those uses not wishing to don't have to. Or its not va language at all..

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