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Comment: About time something intelligent was tried. (Score 0) 194

by johnwerneken (#47511221) Attached to: A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting

About time something intelligent was tried.

People who have never paid for a product normally available only for sale ought to pay. Those who pay ought to be able to do exactly what they please with it. Including giving away free copies.

People wishing to exchange such free copies will find a way to do so, including by forming groups for that purpose, no matter what.

People whom attempt to PROFIT out of running such groups are another matter - these people are properly targets for lawsuits by the people who should be receiving that money.

Comment: GOD economists are STUPID (Score 0) 778

The places likely to raise a minimum wage are the places where stuff cots too darn much. Because people want to be there. Because they or parts of them are booming. So lower wage people are angriest there. And also there is where one finds both the most people whose wages are so high they don't care what stuff costs, and the most people ideologically inclined to think that it is legitimate for government to attempt to be charitable to the things they themselves believe deserve charity. Hence the minimum wage kikes don't cause unemployment at the low end, as the hikes are being CAUSED by employment at the high end.

Those who think any government should do anything besides what governments are intended to do - protect life liberty and property by providing military security and domestic order and law, and foster prosperity through sound currency, sound law and sound infrastructure - those people really need to either pay the bill for it personally, or convince a majority in 3/4 of the States to impose a national value added tax to fund their goal.

Otherwise to Hell with it, no matter what it is.

Comment: Hoorah for Microsoft! (Score 0) 529

Any firm that fires workers not relevant to it's continued prosperity and which fights tirelessly to hire those who would be, regardless of where they are FROM or in what so-called nation they live in, is a great company. Any politician not understanding that it is only such companies which create ANY of pensions, taxes, profits, goods, services, OR jobs, ought to get zero votes.

Comment: WHY is Social Security information, or indeed ANY (Score 0) 74

by johnwerneken (#47409473) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

First, it's not hard to get, if you are (1) close to the target or (2) the NSA or (3) a criminal or (4) hang around some in one of the first three groups.

Second, if people and institutions are tending to rely on this information to make decisions about particular individuals, they are just wrong. They ought not to and if they do they should be incarcerated fined and sued for damages.

Granted all that data can model groups, or insurance companies and many other similar activities just would not work. Useless in dealing with people one at a time, whether on has friendly or hostile intent.

Finally, people evolved and until recently - no more than 12,000 years ago - invariably lived so that all knew everything about everyone they dealt with. That is the normal for homo sapiens. Privacy, anonymity and so on are artifacts of incompetent technology, and seem thought to be of value because commonly said incompetent technology has been unwisely if not maliciously used.

Gossip isn't intrinsically malicious - just an effective way of pressuring people to conform, and the least violent and intrusive such thing so far discovered.

Comment: Re:Linux? (Score -1) 145

by johnwerneken (#47341961) Attached to: Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" Emails

Entirely agree. ALL ,laws and regulations are THEFT, as they enforce existing privileged positions, save only for those relating to the tendency and desire to PROHIBIT physical harm, property theft or damage, or the threat of either. Of course 'property' itself is a sort of privileged position as is physical health and life, but one DOES seem to need SOME ground rules in order to be able to interact with others.

Comment: Some things are too important to save money on. (Score 0) 135

by johnwerneken (#47195915) Attached to: MIT Used Lobbying, Influence To Restore Nuclear Fusion Dream

Some things are too important to save money on. Fusion is one; space expansion is the other.

The Manhattan Project was an expensive undertaking, even for a rich country fully mobilized for war. Competing methods were given unlimited funds and two different methods were pursued to completion.

Comment: so what (Score 0) 95

by johnwerneken (#46810083) Attached to: The Limits of Big Data For Social Engineering

Not that I'm a fan of prejudice. But history, economics, power, and politics are all very useful very valuable and much more to my liking than arbitrary opinions about what constitutes a social ill or a social good. WE DECIDE what is good or evil BASED ON history, economics, power, and politics, AND WE SHOULD - it crowd sources morality, as Darwin and God intended - that's what morality IS - what benefits the herd and it's members, as determined by the behavior and the resulting history, economics, power, and politics of the herd and of it's members.

Go join a Church of your choice, fool, and leave the real world to realists.

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