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Comment Re:Obfuscated Lisp (Score 1) 48

Obfuscated C is unreadable, obfuscated Perl is completely impenetrable, but what I want to see is obfuscated Lisp.

Then you clearly overlooked this Common Lisp entry:

Last year's winners also included some obfuscated lambda calculus programs, like a 167-bit prime number generator.


Comment Re:Compiler Vulnerability (Score 1) 255

If Huawei's code requires anything more than generic gcc, Australia may not be able to verify 100% security, regardless... unless they're given the source code to the compiler as well.

That wouldn't help, since the compiler recognizes its own source as well, and puts the compiler backdoor in the resulting compiler executable. So the bad compiler source code is only needed initially to create a compromised compiler executable, and can be cleaned up afterwards.

Submission + - 21st IOCCC Source Code Released (

johntromp writes: Source code for the 21st International Obfuscated C Code Contest has been released last weekend, following announcement of the winners on Sep 30, and just over a month after the submission window closed on Sep 14, a new speed record for the judges. Happy source code browsing!

Submission + - The Long Reach Of US Extradition (

CuteSteveJobs writes: The New Matilda reports how the US is now able to extradite people for minor offences, and asks why foreign governments so willingly give up their nationals to the US to 'face justice' over minor crimes committed outside US borders? Lawyer Kellie Tranter writes "the long arm of the Government is using criminal enforcement powers to enforce commercial interests at the behest of corporations and their lobbyists." A Former NSW Chief Judge said it was bizarre "that people are being extradited to the US to face criminal charges when they have never been to the US and the alleged act occurred wholly outside the US". He said although copyright violations are a great problem, a country "must protect its nationals from being removed from their homeland to a foreign country merely because the commercial interests of that foreign country." Australia recently "streamlined" its laws to make extradition to the US even easier.

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