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Comment: Re:I'd defer to whatever the man who died wished (Score 1) 645

by johnsie (#49001245) Attached to: Does Showing a Horrific Video Serve a Legitimate Journalistic Purpose?
Most of the video is explaining the "reasoning" behind his murder. Fox News did not need to show the part where the terrorists try to excuse their actions. As far as I'm concerened this is a recruiting video and fox news give them free webhosting for it.

Comment: Re:what a contest (Score 1) 307

by johnsie (#48959827) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2
You're doing it wrong. I never had any perfomance issues when I used to use Atom netbooks. You need to tweak the OS a bit to get usable performance. Oh and Windows 8 is alot faster than 7, so it's better to install that and add classic start to get the start menu back as well as disable the completely unneccesary visual affects. Windows XP perforrms good on netbooks, probably better than anything else, but due to security issues that is no longer an option. Not everyone can affor modern hardware, especially in poorer countries, but people want to be able to run a modern OS. The best option to get the balance is to have sofware that is efficient and cant take advantage of different hardware types.

Comment: A different GUI sounds good to me (Score 1) 307

by johnsie (#48959697) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2
My PI 1 is nice as a mini server. I have with apache/mysql etc running good for collecting data from PLC. However, I have never been happy with the GUI's on offer. Maybe Windows will offer a semi-decent GUI as opposed to the half-baked Linux GUIs that are capable of running on a PI.

Comment: Re:moving vs. stationary (Score 1) 142

by johnsie (#47711947) Attached to: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board
Nonsense. Microsoft were the ones who brought desktop computing into the mainstream. Their "status quo" gave users an interface that they were famililar and comfortable with. Only when they started changing things around did it get bad. What are the alternatives? A company like Apple that is even more evil? Amateur Linux source applications which are lacking in quality? Let's face it LibreOffice is poorly coded, badly designed and alot slower than Microsoft Office. Most Linux apps have poor interfaces and very little in the way of quality assurance.

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