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Comment: Re:moving vs. stationary (Score 1) 142

by johnsie (#47711947) Attached to: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board
Nonsense. Microsoft were the ones who brought desktop computing into the mainstream. Their "status quo" gave users an interface that they were famililar and comfortable with. Only when they started changing things around did it get bad. What are the alternatives? A company like Apple that is even more evil? Amateur Linux source applications which are lacking in quality? Let's face it LibreOffice is poorly coded, badly designed and alot slower than Microsoft Office. Most Linux apps have poor interfaces and very little in the way of quality assurance.

Comment: Re:Usability is THE killer feature that Linux need (Score 1) 209

by johnsie (#47647169) Attached to: Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released
Linux developers are notoriously terrible at designing user interfaces. For example: 1. The Unity lens 2. GIMP 3. Open/LibreOffice And those are the "big" applications. When you start looking at the smaller applications its gets even worse. Alot of half-assed, ugly looking applications. Then there is hardware support, which they like to blame on the hardware vendors, but if you look at the poor quality user interfaces you can see that the vendors are only part of the problem. I'm not saying all Linux developers are lazy or poor at design, but that's what comes across when I use Linux applications. It's missing quality control and developers have no incentive to make their programs look nice.

Comment: Does it have audio in yet? (Score 1) 202

by johnsie (#47447867) Attached to: New Raspberry Pi Model B+
We're wanting to put some of these inside wind turbines so operators have the option to listen for potential problems. Having audio in is important for that. I think maybe some other boards have audio in. I'd be interested in hearing other ideas for broadcasting audio over tcp/ip from a network connected wind turbine..

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