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Comment: Re:REALLY STUPID Canada (Score 1) 417

by johnnnyboy (#47178817) Attached to: Canada Poised To Buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 JSFs

A lot of us Canadians agree.
The choice to keep it is purely political and I think we're locked in (trapped) after spending billions already. The billions spent already could have gotten us super hornets now and they would be already in service if we bought them. Why couldn't our prime minister just accept defeat on this issue?

The Superhornet is a much better sensible choice, it's more practical, cheaper and doesn't require much "retraining" of the staff. Already familiar with the aircraft.
It also meets more the the requirements than the F-35 does.

Comment: Why not just use Qt for Gnome 3.0? KDE != Qt (Score 2, Interesting) 587

by johnnnyboy (#30419634) Attached to: GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project

All the old complaints about Qt are no longer valid. I find it ironic that Gnome is getting more and more Mono/.NET dependant when Gnome project was started for way less than that, because Qt wasn't GPLd. But now it is.

We have an advanced GPLd toolkit widely available and it can do more than just GUIs.
I would really love to see what the Gnome project can do with Qt along with their interface philosophy of simplicity.

KDE != Qt it's just one implementation of Qt.

Comment: How about flawless suspend or hybernation? (Score 2, Interesting) 226

by johnnnyboy (#26175203) Attached to: Toshiba To OEM Laptops With OpenSolaris

Really, I personally think OpenSolaris is coming along quite nicely since Ian Murdock is managing things but that's a different comment.

If they can make a toshiba laptop suspend and hybernate flawlessly that would be awesome. Maybe I'll even make the switch. Unix is Unix.

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