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by johnlcallaway (#48428195) Attached to: As Amazon Grows In Seattle, Pay Equity For Women Declines

What a purely sexist comment. There is no more a male 'act' than a female 'act'.

People who share the same traits that specific businesses like have the opportunity to get paid the same. In sales, it could be people with aggressive and self-motivation traits that get paid more. In nursing, it could be traits like compassion and being detail-oriented. In tech, creativity, flexibility, and the quest to learn new things might garner higher pay.

Overall, people who take less time off and put in more hours always get paid more. As they should.

People get paid based on quantity and quality of work, and what they are willing to do it for. My personal pay jumped dramatically when I stopped accepting the excuse 'we can't afford to pay you more' and found new jobs. If someone else can't do that, the only person they can blame is themselves. I have plenty of people calling me looking for me to change jobs, if someone isn't happy with their salary and aren't getting those calls, maybe it's their skill set that is the problem.

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Just because someone wants to be able to write programs or run excel spreadsheets or write their term paper on a tablet, doesn't mean it's a good form factor for that.

The more I use my tablet, the more I appreciate my desktop for what it is, a place to comfortable sit and work for long periods. The few times I've tried to use either my tablet or my wife's laptop for work, the more I don't bother anymore and go sit at my desktop. It's just far more comfortable for that type of work. I have dual monitors and a real keyboard. The Chiclets Bluetooth keyboards and the single monitor just don't cut it anymore.

For example, when paying bills, I have three apps open, a spreadsheet with my budget, Quicken, and a web browser for bill paying. Even with dual monitors it's not enough screen to see all three at the same time. I use dual monitors at work, but when I work from home I can only do a single monitor (at this point, they are working at fixing that). I am a lot less productive.

The CPUs on my desktop are much faster than the tablet, and I have access to far more storage and connections (i.e. USB, smart cards, sound, camera, etc).

I don't think the tablet will ever be able to replace the desktop. Just as the laptop never did. Some people can do without them, but they have less capabilities with the exception of being able to sit by the pool and work.

Which I've tried before and found it just wasn't that comfortable. And far too distracting.

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It's not 'worse in every way'. It's great for what it is designed for (tablet) and Windows 8 is great for what it's designed for (desktop)

Which is why I have a desktop for work where I sit down and work for long periods, and a tablet for reading, watching movies, playing short games, and taking notes in meetings. It's handwriting recognition is pretty good, it's not perfect but usually I just go back afterward and correct any spelling issues.

My Samsung Note III does have multiple windows as the default, and it works great. When I click a link in Facebook, it opens in a side window that is easily closed. I can use the pen to draw a box and open many apps in it, like a calculator or map. Or, I just slide in from the right to get a list of apps to open.

I don't need to map network drives to my laptop, I can play any media file I want on TV, using my tablet as a remote for my Harmony Hub.

I use the pocket cloud app, and have full access from my tablet to my desktop if I need it, which does run Windows 8. With a bluetooth keyboard, it's OK for short sessions. From that session, I can then RDP to my work computer and do support if I'm needed.

I have not had any need to run a command manually on my tablet, that's just a stupid comment geeks and nerds throw out for something that has become almost irrelevant.

When I decided to get a tablet, I looked at both the Surface Pro and Android, and picked the Android because I felt for the money I spent, I got more value for what I needed.

My Note III does exactly what I need it to do, and my desktop does also. For instance, I'm typing this from my desktop because typing on ANY tablet is a pain in the ass for anything of length.

The ONLY think I wish it came with was a built-in scripting/cron capability of some sort. But it hasn't bothered me so much that I've even done any searches to find any add-ons.

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by johnlcallaway (#48393321) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

Also, serious info for serious Slashdotters here . . . the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has a PhD in Physics. Can any other country boast a top political leader who has a STEM leader . . . ?

And I've known some folks with PhDs that were pretty stupid and had no common sense when it came to many things other than their area of expertise! I knew a programmer who claimed to have a PhD from MIT that was one of the worst programmers I have ever worked with. I knew a gentleman with a PhD in neural networks that was the worst VP of Software Development ever.

I doubt if Angela Merkel is stupid, but assuming that just because someone has a PhD is 'smart' or capable of doing anything worthwhile is ... well ... stupid.

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by johnlcallaway (#48291187) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

I lived the first 45 years of my life in states that followed daylight savings time. I didn't like it when I had kids, because it seemed for a couple of weeks after the switch, they were all messed up.

Now I live in Arizona, where we leave the damn clocks alone, and I love it. It's a minor inconvenience occasionally when relatives back east are three hours ahead instead of two, but it's great not having to deal with the time shift directly.

As for people wanting DST because they get more daylight in the evening ... why don't you just get up earlier. It's the same amount of daylight either way, it's only YOUR schedule that doesn't allow you to enjoy it.

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by johnlcallaway (#48254743) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors?

... who thinks they are entitled to unlimited usage is naive. And wrong. ... who thinks they can get unlimited usage without paying a high price is a fool. And wrong. ... who doesn't read the contract to find out what 'unlimited' really means is just damn lazy. And probably a little bit of both of the above.

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So how is the fueling station going to get enough juice to charge 5-10 cars at the same time??? Their own generating station?? High-voltage electric lines directly from the sub-station?? And how are they going to get that much power out into the middle of some of the large tracts of land that make up the western half of the US??

I hope they can do it. I'm cheering for them to find a way.

I doubt if we will see anything nearing 25% electric-only cars in the next 20-40 years. I see households possible having two cars, one gas and one electric. My wife and I have two, I have a higher-MPG, smaller car because I travel farther that is also our 'travel' car if we drive long distances. She has the heavier utility because she likes to sit up higher and drives less and we need something to go to Home Depot and get stuff or to the dump and get rid of stuff. We have two cars because it's not practical, based on our jobs. to car pool. Even with other people because we work odd, and sometimes unexpected, hours.

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by johnlcallaway (#48073951) Attached to: Is It Time To Throw Out the College Application System?

Colleges and universities should set minimum requirements for entry, and then let anyone who can pay in. I'm paying to be taught something, colleges need to start remembering that students are customers and treat them accordingly. I'm not saying colleges shouldn't have tough classes. If a college desires to give the best education money can buy, and that means a tough curriculum, as long as students are aware of that before they start spending their money. If a college or university's product is one of high standards for getting a passing grade, so be it.

If I think I can skip Calculus 101, go ahead and let me. If I fail, I'm the one that wasted the money on those credit hours and will have to take Calculus 101 and Calculus 102, possibly pushing back my graduation. Graduation could require the passing of specific levels of education, not accumulating credit hours. This 'well-rounded' BS needs to stop, the college is not my mom. I don't need to take underwater basket weaving to be a doctor or lawyer. But I probably need specific levels of English, Business and other non-medical related courses. Let me decide if I want to take underwater basket weaving and spend the money on it even if it's not required.

If someone desires to go a college that expects hard work, quick learning, and a high degree of work outside the classroom, and they fail because they can't keep up, it's their money they are wasting. I'm sure some would argue they are wasting class time, but in my limited experience, many professors are very good at keeping the class moving along and letting those that just don't get it fall behind.

Colleges should set their prices depending on the market system, as they do now. If students need money to go to college, they can prove to those that give out loans and grants whether or not they deserve the money. Just because I'm in favor of a college letting anyone in, doesn't mean I'm in favor of the colleges, government or banks giving or loaning money to anyone who wants it. They have the obligation to determine whether or not handing out thousands of dollars to someone is a good investment regardless of whether or not it's getting paid back.

Colleges could still give out scholarships and even loans to outstanding students that they feel will give back because of their abilities. Whatever method they setup to do that is up to them.

Comment: Re:Government gun regulation is useless (Score 1) 651

by johnlcallaway (#48039509) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

So .. is there an acceptable level of violent deaths for you?? As long as someone can only kill one person at a time with a knife or cricket bat is that OK as long as they can't kill two or five using a gun?? Are you willing start regulating knifes and cricket bats also, because those have been used by crazy people to kill also. Don't laugh, several years ago a group of doctors in the UK suggested that long, pointed kitchen knives should be banned because they are plenty of other alternatives and they tend to be the knives used most often when killing someone with a knife. Just as with firearms in the UK, they didn't ban them all at the same time. It started with just one type.

Your entire argument is that if you take something away, it can't be used anymore by crazy, bad, or angry people. That is a logical argument. So, why don't we just round up everyone that we think is crazy, bad, or angry and put only them into jail. That should stop the violence also, shouldn't it??? How about a law that says if you threaten someone, you are put into jail for 20 years to make sure you can't. What if we pass a law that says that if someone is scary, they also get put into jail. How about we pass a law that says the nice, quiet guy that lives next door, never bothers anyone, always says hi, is also thrown into jail just in case he goes nuts.

I can think of all kinds of ways to end all kinds of violence that would also work that are equally as moronic as removing all guns. Since you probably don't read any real news, you probably don't read about how daily, people all over the United States stop violence because they are armed. It does happen, a lot more than idiots like Rupurt Murdoch and Everytown want you to know.

The price that is paid by removing all guns it can't be used by the large portion of the population either that enjoy using it, already have it, and sometimes depend on it. You are willing to deny large segments of the population something they find useful and safe simply because you don't use it, aren't affected by not having it, are scared by it, and have a (false) sense of security because it's not around.

Free free to not own a gun. I have no problems with you not owning a gun.

I have problems with whiny little college kids thinking they have some sort of magical insight into the world and try to justify taking something away from me that has never been used in an illegal manner simply because they are scared of it, probably because they have never even shot a gun before in their life.

Fortunately, I didn't have such overly-protective parents and learned to shoot as a teen and discovered how much fun it was putting holes in pieces of paper 500 yards away.

Comment: Re:Hope He Continues (Score 2) 651

by johnlcallaway (#48039235) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

Your comment about Canada fails to note that Canada not only has fewer guns per capita, but also fewer capita per square mile. People kill other people either because they are crazy and just want to kill people, or because they are pissed at them. It's a lot harder for crazy people to kill other people when their aren't any other people around. And it's a lot harder to get pissed at people if fewer people are around. I also wonder what their drug/crime rates are, removing gun incidents that occur around other criminal acts significantly lowers the overall death rate. People involved in criminal activities are far more likely to end up on the receiving end of a gun or knife than I am. People who live in high-crime areas are also more likely to become a statistic.

The United States is not a violent culture, that's a label that liberals and other anti-gun fanatics love to throw around. The vast majority don't go around beating up people, stabbing them, or shooting them. There are pockets that are violent, usually centered around poverty and drugs. The average person is very unlikely to witness violent acts, let alone be the object of them, in many areas of the country.

Owning and shooting guns does not define a violent culture. Anymore than owning cars defines a country as a racing culture or drinking at bars defines it as an alcoholic culture. My wife and I own 3 revolvers, 3 pistols, a lever-action rifle, and a semi-automatic rifle. I probably have close to 1,000 rounds of ammo, and several pounds of gunpowder. The only violence these mechanical devices have seen is at firing ranges and in the desert, where helpless targets, plastic water-filled bottles, and the occasional apple are strewn about for practice.

The vast majority of the population in the United States stays as far away from violence as they can, except for in the movies. And from what I can tell, many people all over the world like violent movies just about as much as the population of the United States.

Comment: Of course they are (Score 1) 534

by johnlcallaway (#48037081) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

They are experts at using circular reasoning and 'because the (insert holy book here) says so' arguments for thousands of years. Why would the discovery of aliens change that?

People who are delusional always find reasons to continue to believe in things that aren't there, the arguments don't have to be logical or correct. They just continue to believe in them.

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by johnlcallaway (#47977725) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

Are you suggesting this guy work for a company that promotes based on paper skills rather than on real-world skills? Work for a company that would promote a recently-graduated, newly-hired guy with a PhD rather than someone with experience that has been at the company for several years?

Please provide me a list of companies you think this works in, I want to be sure to never apply for a job in them. Sounds like the Peter Principle in overdrive. I've known more than one PhD grad that don't have the necessary interpersonal skills to get a senior level position. And one that was given the position anyway and despised by all that work for them and with them.

Just because someone doesn't have a degree doesn't mean they only have basic knowledge. Depends on the work experience. I have a crapload of 'basic knowledge' from 35 years of experience in many different positions and job sectors that no one with a PhD could ever hope to come out of school with. Meanwhile, this PhD schooled professional student knows one thing very well. As long as someone needs someone that can do that one thing, great. Until the next big thing comes along and makes that one thing pointless.

Then they had better hope they have some basic knowledge to fall back on....

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by johnlcallaway (#47973825) Attached to: Apple Sells More Than 10 Million New iPhones In First 3 Days

Ahh .. typical Apple iDrone. Ignore that 'real world' people post pictures to facebook and that camera optics become irrelevant because Facebook post-processes most pictures. And that even those places that don't post-process, hardly anyone ever prints pictures anymore so the majority of them will continue to be seen only on smartphones where a 4gb pictures is probably good enough. And that my Samsung S4 is fast enough for everything I throw at it and 'good enough' so even if Apple has questionably better CPU specs, most people won't notice it. And I've had it for over a year.

Apple drones on and on about how thin and light the iPhone is. Yet ignores that it's so thin and light because it doesn't offer a replaceable battery or SD card so can make the case thinner and use fewer structural components. Nice of them to finally allow their drones to install additional keyboards and provide other features Android users have had for a year or more.

No matter what features Apple puts in their phone, you can bet that within a few months Android phones will have similar capabilities. And then jump ahead because it will take Apple another 2-3 years to come out with a new phone.

And that is why they sell 10M phones on their initial rollout --- they simply don't roll out new phones that often and don't have 20 vendors rolling out new phones every other week.

Comment: Re:It's not just speed (Score 4, Interesting) 253

by johnlcallaway (#47973645) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?

I disagree ... my ability to have a spare battery (which allows me to charge it while using the phone without having an annoying cord attached to the phone) and SD card is more important *to me* than longer battery life and a thinner phone and a better camera. For the most part, those things are irrelevant, my phone battery life is 'good enough' and my phone size is 'thin enough' and my phone camera is 'good enough'. Only smug elitist have to have what they consider to be the best, in my opinion. For 90% of the population, 'good enough' is good enough.

For example, many people only use their phone camera to post to the Internet with no editing ,, so anything about about 4MB really doesn't gain anyone anything. People who want a quality camera buy a camera .. people who want to take pictures of their food use their phone. Granted, I wouldn't knowingly buy a phone with a really crappy camera, but even my Samsung Gear 2 watch takes pictures suitable for posting on Facebook. Now, I've taken some great pictures with my Samsung 4, just got back from a motorcycle trip to San Francisco and took some amazing coastal panoramas with it.

Specs are important, but not everyone cares about the same specs. Some people don't care as much about battery life or camera quality. I am interested int he Samsung Active because it's water resistant.. It's nice to have a wide variety of phones.

Which is why I buy Android phones, they offer the most choices of any type of smartphone. More vendors, more options, more price ranges. I can move from one vendor to another and not loose the apps I've bought.

There is nothing in the Apple specs that provides that capability. And why I'll never buy an iPhone. No matter how amazing their camera is.

I have a dSLR and specialty lenses for amazing. And no .. it's not the 'best' camera out there either. Just one that is 'good enough'.

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by johnlcallaway (#47862775) Attached to: Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

I did COBOL for 15 years. It's not difficult to learn if someone already knows another language. It only takes about 6 months to become proficient in it, maybe a year or two to become an expert for someone who is good.. Many shops are maintaining old code for the most part, so no one has to design something new. Even if they do, there are probably tons of examples.

We still use COBOL at the company I work at on the IBM systems. Who would I pick given the choice between a COBOL programmer with 20 years experience and a Java programmer that just learned it?? It would depend on what I wanted them to do, what the work split was, and what the salary requirements were. I might be more interested in their experience working on code other people wrote than their programming skills in a specific language ... I don't think I would want somebody who has only worked on new projects to suddenly jump in and work on a 20 year old system, no matter what their experience level.

Given the choice between a Java programmer and a Java programmer with COBOL knowledge, I would choose the COBOL guy, all things being equal. He will be more flexible and deserve a larger paycheck.

Our COBOL programmer works remotely and rarely has to come into the office.

However ... anyone that does this needs to keep current. It's very easy to fall into the rut of doing your job and then losing other skills. I know plenty of COBOL programmers who felt their jobs were safe and never made the transition out of the mainframe world, and are now not programmers anymore. Anyone who doesn't know two or three languages and can't work in a couple of different OSs is a fool.

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