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Comment consumers have a choice??? (Score 1) 437

I find it interesting someone produces a research report on who's running what version of Android as if the consumer (and we are talking about consumers - that mass market they referred to) has any choice. I run whatever Verizon pushes out to my Moto Droid Maxx. Don't tell me no one is using the new OS...tell those who decide what version we use.

Hardware Hacking

Wipeout Recreated With an RC Car 90

An anonymous reader writes "If you've owned any of Sony's PlayStation consoles then there's a good chance you've also played one of the Wipeout games. It's a high-speed racing game that helped make the PSOne popular, and it's now been recreated using a remote control car. The project is the idea of Malte Jehmlich. He decided to create a track out of cardboard reminiscent of the Wipeout tracks. He then hooked up a wireless camera to a remote control car, and modified the controller to be an arcade cabinet with a wheel and forward/reverse selector."

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