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Comment Re:not always quite so (Score 1) 219

If you were pulling a wagon to Oregon in the middle ages, I'd want to know how the hell you got to america, or alternatively, why didn't your other native american brethren have wheeled wagons?

The historical implications you just made are vast and profound.

Comment Re:In My Opinion, a Truly Horrid List (Score 1) 508

I know when I'm in the zone when I get up from my keyboard, walk around the house and then 5 minutes later I actually realize I'm not even typing anymore.

I'm so wrapped up in thoughts that I'm not even aware of where I am haha. I think it's a sort of religious experience.

I can only do this when I'm alone at home or school though, because I gesture and talk to myself outloud like I'm mentally handicapped...

Comment Re:Exactly right! (Score 2, Insightful) 398

My ancestors were the slaves of white men too, you don't see me complaining. I'm referring to my English, German, and French heritage, in case you were wondering. I'm sure some one somewhere was forced to work for a roman soldier at some point. Or if I'm lucky maybe they worked for a well off family in Gaul in the first century.

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