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Comment: No big deal... (Score 1) 335

by joelja (#31512122) Attached to: Cisco's New Router — Trouble For Hollywood

This is simply the product that needs to be able to support ongoing growth in the core. It is neither revolutionary nor in fact terribly new. Juniper t1600+TXmatrix is roughly the same class of router.

Big core routers have a service life of around 5 years and the CRS-1 was introduced in 2004.

The size and complexity of the forwarding table in these mainframe style distributed router platforms is at least as important as their throughput (and speed of the slot interconnects to a non-blocking fabric is the biggest part of that). and of course that's not the part that journalists have been covering since in layman's terms it's almost completely incomprehensible. These boxes are designed for 5-10 million routes spread across a number of VRF (virtual router and forwarding) instances which is going to have to last them until 2015 or so which is potentially a fairly iffy proposition.

Comment: Energy Efficiency standards... (Score 1) 619

by joelja (#30172566) Attached to: Response To California's Large-Screen TV Regulation

What's wrong frankly with holding displays to more stringent energy standards then they meet today? It doesn't appear to be a particularly hard benchmark to meet which leaves me wondering what the big deal is?

Looking around the house both the samsung lcd panels including the 2 year old one meet the 2011 target... The projector uses ~200w to throw a 7' x4' image and the 36" crt nobody should be using anymore but it's hard to recycle a 200lb television..

Comment: Still limited by the 4 engine requirement? (Score 1) 640

by joelja (#26408371) Attached to: USAF Seeks Air Force One Replacement

If so that does narrow the field considerably.

If the pool is extended all etops-180 capable aircraft then there are a few more (twin engine) options.

What exactly do you replace a 747 with that isn't another 747, has four engines and lower operating costs? a340-500 or 600 come to mind, that's about it.

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