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Comment: "random DNA mutations" (Score 1) 180

by jobdrb (#48720309) Attached to: 65% of Cancers Caused by Bad Luck, Not Genetics or Environment
Why we have more and more " random DNA mutations" ?
In Brazil, its easy to answer. PESTICIDES.
Almost all Brazilians has a friend or a family member with a cancer case.

Brazil are the biggest pesticides user of the world.
Even pesticides which are prohibited in Africa and China, are free used in Brazil.
Many Farmers use pesticides in excess and/or in wrong way.
Prohibited pesticides come easily from our fragile border control.

See this movie

+ - DOS Attack from a Google Servers, how to deal with this?

Submitted by jobdrb
jobdrb (920458) writes "While looking some complains of my users, I check my Snort logs, and found many DOS attack attempts coming from google servers port 80. Like this "[**] [1:100000160:2] COMMUNITY SIP TCP/IP message flooding directed to SIP proxy
[Classification: Attempted Denial of Service] [Priority: 2]
12/02-09:31:06.547320 -> "
I don't have sip proxy, but Snort Rules, may block the ip, and could cause some access problems for Google Services.

How to deal with this?"

Comment: Re:American Justice (Score 1) 255

I really don't like comparisons Country vs Country, there is no sense in this. How you will compare a Big Country with a small Country? How you will compare a more homogeneous culture with a very diversity culture? Comparison is only useful, when you see something that you never know, or something that you want, regardless where come from.

Comment: Damages (Score 1) 480

He steel your work. Yes, could be a headache, find an attorney and so on. But, left behind, will only stimulate these kind of action. In your situation, I will find an attorney that accept this case to receive the payment for the damages. Or Better, call the Company, and advise then.

Comment: Re:Far cheaper options (Score 1) 347

Funny, In which planet theses decisions are made based in pure Logic?
First, Windows are good for People and Companies that did support.
These people influence theirs users, they really did FUD.
I found many of that people working in Public and Private environment.
For example, I work in a public University in Brazil, some years ago I migrate all Office PC of my Department to Linux.
Result: Fall support calls. No Need to new Machines. Fast Machines.

Many departments after recurring problems with theirs machines,
(slowing, go to reinstal, return to work, get slow, go to reinstal),
start to thinking that they need a new machine.

They bought and left machines like Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM,
which I get to my Department. Only in these month I got 4 PC.
Theres tens going to the trash that are perfect to work.
Sometimes when I go to another Department to get a PC left to go, I express my concerns
and show how fast are the computer that they throwing by using a USB with Linux.
Then I suggest to migrate. All that I migrate are totally satisfied.

Then you could ask, why there is not a large migration ?
Simple answer: Laziness of some IT people and their managers.

Comment: Re:What theory is it? (Score 1) 432

by jobdrb (#41046987) Attached to: GNOME: Possible Recovery Strategies
I agree, Unity is a mess at now, and Gnome 3 and Shell has many things that I really does not understand they change something that evolve in years to a good standard (like Printer Setup) and create a new one that you cant define the default paper size, and so on (keyboard, nautilus, ...). I found that girls like Unity, because its more beautiful than Mate(Gnome2 fork), Cinnamon and GnomeShell. My conclusion is limited to my limited users test (Some Friends, my Girlfriend and Sisters). At work (University), my Linux users was using Gnome2, and I just update to LinuxMint Mate 13, to get (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS inside), after the upgrade they have the same theme, everything working like was. period. For some new Linux users at work (migrate from WindowsXP), I choose to install Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome-Panel (Fallback), after some tweaks (install the old printer setup). I had only one friend using GnomeShell, because he use Fedora, but with many extension, to get mostly what we have in Gnome2. In my notebook I am using Gnome3 fallback, but I will migrate to MATE, because the reason which you say "performance".

"Say yur prayers, yuh flea-pickin' varmint!" -- Yosemite Sam