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Comment Re: Ha! (Score 1) 480

Paying discussions are very complex, although its not fair who are more productive or creative have better gains, which almost a common sense. The word Merit, may have many means. Be more "friendly", with managers, be a relative to the boss. Or be an asshole. Let all has a minimum paycheck is good thing to support a life where the company are. But, let all ha the same, its really nonsense. There many ways to have a better mix of pay and result, but, standardization line, does not work. While high competitive are also bad, since mostly works need cooperation. And cooperation gets better results. Its like in Sports, non cooperative teams its very difficult to wins.

Comment Re:May be (Score 0) 668

No its not about use inside nasal. I take the drops regularly and stop my sinus symptoms.
I was with sinus for a long time every winter, and take the regular medicine to inflammatory and antibiotics.
I got contact with this homeopathy but never used seriously. Then I was living in Germany for some months,
and get a really strong pain with sinus. Well, I go to a Doctor, and again prescribe the same.
Oh, antibiotics make me down, I was living alone with a great pain, but I didn't want get down by antibiotics.
Then I give a try to Homeopathy that was with me, take with regularity prescribe for crises and when get better
take 3 times a day. I take for one and a half year, since that I never more get sinus problem for more than a decade.
Works for me. May be because my will and my mind my body reacts.

I stay with results!
If could give you one and you could make a experiment with someone else.
I told, after this good results, with this specific product, from a specific source, with many friends
that use their self and with his/her sons and daughters, I confirm that until now are working.

Comment May be (Score 1) 668

May be like a placebo effect or not, but in my own experience with a homeopathy, a product for nasal airflow (Rinus, etc) work for me and for every friend that use the same product.
Considerate the no side effects its ok for me.
There's no scientific evidence?
Well, there's a lot of evidence against many products which is very dangerous to health and their are legal.

Comment In Brazil is very Predictable ! (Score 1) 141

Lets see an Example!
In Brazil, the governor of Parana State, government take the money from the people and give to Judiciary, to help the judges have a lot of privileges and stewardships. A Judge in the beginning of career , get a salary of 20 teachers. Judges receive housing assistance, even they have houses. The value is 2 times a salary of an teacher. All this stewardships, take a price, and the State go Bankrupt. To save state finances, governor have a great idea of to get pension fund of the state public workers.
At same time, many deputies and govern allies are involved in corruption and tax fraud. Judges, left they free.

To pass the vote, government prohibits people from going to parliament and throws bombs on teachers.


Comment "random DNA mutations" (Score 1) 180

Why we have more and more " random DNA mutations" ?
In Brazil, its easy to answer. PESTICIDES.
Almost all Brazilians has a friend or a family member with a cancer case.

Brazil are the biggest pesticides user of the world.
Even pesticides which are prohibited in Africa and China, are free used in Brazil.
Many Farmers use pesticides in excess and/or in wrong way.
Prohibited pesticides come easily from our fragile border control.

See this movie

Submission + - DOS Attack from a Google Servers, how to deal with this?

jobdrb writes: While looking some complains of my users, I check my Snort logs, and found many DOS attack attempts coming from google servers port 80. Like this "[**] [1:100000160:2] COMMUNITY SIP TCP/IP message flooding directed to SIP proxy
[Classification: Attempted Denial of Service] [Priority: 2]
12/02-09:31:06.547320 -> "
I don't have sip proxy, but Snort Rules, may block the ip, and could cause some access problems for Google Services.

How to deal with this?

Comment Rising Costs (Score 1) 634

- People are living more, with free Health System
- Drugs are becoming more expensive with the Free Prices System
Or ask to people die early
Or change the medicines used, some new drugs are expensive and dont offer really advantages, some are also worst then the previous used.

Comment Re:American Justice (Score 1) 255

I really don't like comparisons Country vs Country, there is no sense in this. How you will compare a Big Country with a small Country? How you will compare a more homogeneous culture with a very diversity culture? Comparison is only useful, when you see something that you never know, or something that you want, regardless where come from.

Comment Re:Far cheaper options (Score 1) 347

Funny, In which planet theses decisions are made based in pure Logic?
First, Windows are good for People and Companies that did support.
These people influence theirs users, they really did FUD.
I found many of that people working in Public and Private environment.
For example, I work in a public University in Brazil, some years ago I migrate all Office PC of my Department to Linux.
Result: Fall support calls. No Need to new Machines. Fast Machines.

Many departments after recurring problems with theirs machines,
(slowing, go to reinstal, return to work, get slow, go to reinstal),
start to thinking that they need a new machine.

They bought and left machines like Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM,
which I get to my Department. Only in these month I got 4 PC.
Theres tens going to the trash that are perfect to work.
Sometimes when I go to another Department to get a PC left to go, I express my concerns
and show how fast are the computer that they throwing by using a USB with Linux.
Then I suggest to migrate. All that I migrate are totally satisfied.

Then you could ask, why there is not a large migration ?
Simple answer: Laziness of some IT people and their managers.

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