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Author Encourages Users to Pirate His Book 237

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the listen-to-the-content-creator dept.
mariushm writes "Peter Cooper, the author of Beginning Ruby, breaks down how he gets paid for the book, including the advance and royalties, giving a nice clean explanation of how authors get paid for their books. He also describes the negotiations over the second edition of the book, in which he begged his publisher, Apress, to offer the ebook version for free, believing (strongly) that it would promote sales of the paper book. He even notes that the original version's ebook barely had noteworthy sales, so it seemed reasonable to offer up the ebook for free to drive more attention. No dice. Even though Apress has done that with other similar titles, it wouldn't agree. As he retains the copyright for the actual text, he encourages people to buy the book and create an online version of it without covers, contents table and indexes, promising not to enforce his copyright over the new work."

Comment: Re:Maybe we'll finally get trains (Score 1) 1020

by jnhtx (#15889036) Attached to: Charter Flight Websites / Services?
"think about the 55mph speed limit for example. How realistic is it to travel across the country at 55mph?"

Well thank goodness President Reagan did away with 55mph! Let's just hope Gore doesn't get elected, he'll bring it back (for everyone but himself of course).

Here in Texas we just raised the speed on Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso to 80mph.

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