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Comment: There still illega!!!! (Score 1) 597

by jmrust (#12103192) Attached to: High School Kids Beat MIT at Robotics Competition
First off I commend them on their intelligence and striving to succeed in a racist and stereotypical society. It's an amazing story to read about! I am a bit perturbed; however, that we are sitting here writing articles about how wonderful these illegal immigrants are! They are consuming our tax dollars for medical care and education whilst occupying job slots. There are far to many intelligent, hard working people all over the world crying for their chance to get into this country LEGALLY!!! There is a reason that California's taxes, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance are ridiculously high! The root of the evil falls on our heads as US Citizens! We did it to ourselves by being greedy. First off most of us don't want to pick strawberries for a living, or be a gardener. Secondly, most of us don't want to pay $10 for a bag of American (obviously including legal immigrants) picked oranges when a $3 bag of Mexican picked oranges is sitting beside it. The most blatant case of this economic tragedy would be Walmart who sends the majority share of their business to Asia in order to maintain "Everyday Low Prices"... again it's our fault for shopping there. All in all putting our foot down on illegal immigration, and spending our income on domestic products would greatly help our economy and everyone who resides here legally!!!!!!!! My $.02

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