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Submission Firefox tops European browser market for 1st time->

ruphus13 writes: The EC took a decidedly harder stance against Microsoft and its anti-competitive practices in the browser wars. Those restrictions seem to have yielded results. Firefox, for the first time, has the largest market share amongst browsers. From the post, "StatCounter is now reporting that Firefox 3.0 is the most popular browser in Europe--for the first time. Number one in Europe? That's a milestone, and a sign of very healthy browser competition in Europe. If the European Commission's recent efforts to force Microsoft to offer more browser choice in Windows succeed, Firefox may well stay number one." It is also interesting to note that Firefox has 100% market share on 1 continent — Antarctica! The article states, "I'm guessing the data comes from one user — and he's using Firefox."
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Submission Should Google be forced to pay for news?-> 1

Barence writes: "The Guardian Media group is asking the British Government to investigate Google News and other aggregators, claiming they reap the benefit of content from news sites without contributing anything towards their costs. The Guardian claims the old argument that "search engines and aggregators provide players like with traffic in return for the use of our content" doesn't hold water any more, and that it's "heavily skewed" in Google's favour. It wants the Government to explore new models that "require fair acknowledgement of the value that our content creates, both on our own site (through advertising) and 'at the edges' in the world of search and aggregation.""
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Comment Re:Logic flaw? (Score 1) 70

The problem with listening to discussion forums is the people there represent what is called the "Vocal Minority." People with problems and complaints are more likely to be vocal about them than are people who are content with things the way they are. That is why you tend to see a lot more "BLIZ U SUC I QUIT!" posts than "This is the best game I have ever played please dont change anything." posts.

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