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Comment Re:Yawn. another trite 'stupid american' attack. (Score 2, Insightful) 198

I don't care where on the African continent Nigeria is, because it's trivial knowledge that does me no good.

That's pretty much the attitude I'm talking about right there. Nigeria has a population of 150 million people (in the top 10) and because the only thing you learned in geography class was where Colorado and Vermont are on the map, it doesn't matter to you.

Still, you missed the point of my post. The "ignorant American" jibe wasn't just for the lack of geography knowledge, but for the idea that Africa is filled with lions, tigers, bears and 419 scammers.

The difference is, I know there are well-informed Americans as well as ignorant ones, but I'm not going to lump all of them together, even though the subtleties of my post were lost on you.

Comment Re:Good, now I can get more money from Nigeria. (Score 2, Insightful) 198

Quick geography lesson: in that "country" called Africa (where all the lions, tigers and bears live), there is this place called Nigeria, which happens to be on the left side of the map - that means West Africa, not East.

Way to sum up an entire continent of a billion people.

Whle we're indulging in stereotypes, fuck you... you ignorant American tool.

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