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Comment: While on the topic of rebooting... (Score 1) 922

by jmoo (#30730728) Attached to: What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next?

...can we reboot a few book series?

Loved Rendezvous with Rama (something that still needs to be made into a movie). The books that came after, not so much. The fourth book is cringe worthy bad.
The Foundation series, with the right author, could be continued. Not going to say that would be easy, but Second Foundation Trilogy put out a few years ago didn't really go anywhere.
I haven't read all of the Ringworld series yet, but I feel it hasn't aged quite as well. Maybe not a reboot, just some rewriting?

On the other hand there needs to be a stop to all the endless Star Wars and Star Trek novels being pumped out.

Comment: Teachers really are the problem (Score 3, Interesting) 801

by jmoo (#30207112) Attached to: Obama Kicks Off Massive Science Education Effort

Warning! Anecdotal evidence ahead, my own two cents, etc....

My wife is a teacher now for 6 years and from what I can make of it, teachers are there own worse enemy when it comes to any improvements in the schools. They regularly resist any change, argue over almost any point, and back stab each other the smallest perceived slight. I think, at least in part, its comes from just a lot of burn out and frustration with students, but as I said this comes to be second hand from my wife so I know I don't have the clearest view.

My wife was an accountant and got her MBA before deciding to get out of the corporate life and to take up teaching. She went through an accelerated course to get her teaching degree. Now teaching business at the high school level for several years, but continues to be look down on by many of the teachers at the school. She didn't get a normal degree in education, she one of the "transplants". Such narrow mindedness....

Comment: We don't know... (Score 1) 756

by jmoo (#29021673) Attached to: Earth's Period of Habitability Is Nearly Over

Since we have yet to find life elsewhere we still don't know what conditions are needed for it to successfully rise on a planet. It could be argued that the sun is a better star for life as it's habitable zone around it is larger than a K class star and has a better chance at having a planet in it. Likewise the earth could be the right size as a larger planet magnetic field is stronger and doesn't allow enough cosmic rays in to generate mutations in DNA to kick off evolution.

Comment: What Fox Wants... (Score 1) 753

by jmoo (#27150559) Attached to: What Has Fox Got Against Its Own Sci-Fi Shows?

Is another X-files. A big hit that they can milk for years, and in all likelihood drive into the ground. Fox usually doesn't want to wait too long for a hit, its sink or swim with them.

I still like my share of fox shows, but lets be realistic about their marketing, this is after all the people who brought us "Hole in the Wall"

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