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Comment: It's actually even simpler than this. (Score 1) 359

by jmhobrien (#47694767) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

1) I imagine they do not realise the significance of this particular disease. Disease is far more prevalent there than it is here, why is this one special? How will you convince them that this is so?
2) The familiies are literally being seperated with a very high chance of never seeing their loved ones alive.
I'm sure there are other contributing factors, but do you honestly belive that you would act differently in the same circumstances?

Comment: Re:-Wall (Score 1) 470

by jmhobrien (#45275723) Attached to: How Your Compiler Can Compromise Application Security

To be honest, in this situation I would like the compiler to inform me that it had eliminated some code as it is probably not what I meant. Why not write it like this instead?

int foo(int a, unsigned int b)
return a;

Then in the calling code:
int *a;
unsigned int *b;
*a = foo(1,*b);

I understand that this is a simple example, but I prefer to write my code like this as it ensures that the pointers are only dereferenced within the scope in which they are declared.

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