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Comment Re:Unavoidable evolution (Score 1) 120

With this I tend to agree: As humans we have reached maybe the top of our evolutionary track. We demonstrated that we are simply not able to build any sustainable society and that we are destroying the planet who gave us birth. But I disagree that: a superior form of intelligence will make the system stable.

One could also say we have reached the "end" of our evolutionary track. There are some who argue that human intelligence is an attribute that might just make us extinct. Daniel Quinn the author of Ishmael is one.

Watch YouTube videos of Al Bartlett's ideas. As a physicist he sees the problem in simple arithmetic. Too many people and the notion that more growth is the answer. More technology is not the answer. Human technology has been developing since before fire.

Comment Shape of things to come (Score 2) 109

In the future the global legal framework will be created and enforced by corporations. The nation-state will lose its sovereignty.

From the governments become more corrupted from representing their people to the privatization of military forces to Google and other corporations owning, paying for research that they can 'sell back' to consumers, your world will be controlled by corporations. Democracy, socialism and communism will no longer exist thanks to capitalism.

This is a good time to read "When Google Met Wikileaks" by Julian Assange

Comment I have a Huawei Ascend P7 (Score 1) 190

I'm sill on Android 4.4.4. This phone has never had an update, This phone was released in June 2014. Hardly an old phone. It was the flagship phone then.

The built in file manager shows all of my files stored in internal memory. All of my pictures etc are actually stored on the sdcard. When I remove the sdcard I can view these files on my pc.

The alarm works most of the time. The snooze button works once then the second time fails.

With this in mind I was very surprised that Google thought this was a good idea to have Huawei make their flagship phone. But maybe now we will get some support.

Comment Re:incomplete sentence... (Score 1) 145

"The american indians managed the land and it's resources just fine, It's the assholes from europe that wiped out most everything because of stupidity."

One could argue that the native americans did not manage anything. They simply lived according to laws of life. Daniel Quinn wrote about laws of life in Ishmael, My Ishmael and the Story of B.

As this article points out it is humans that have huge impacts concerning life on Earth. Daniel Quinn argues that by trying to manage the Earth, humans end up destroying it.

Comment Re:The world owes me nothing... (Score 2, Informative) 312

Social Security Retirement is payable outside the USA now for citizens and other approved people (green card holders etc) who live in certain countries with agreements with the USA. This should continue. I worked and paid into Social Security Retirement as per the agreements. I would expect my money when I complete the requirements. But I don't hold my breath. Wall Street wants every penny of retirement money they can get their hands on.

However, Social Security also has many other programs that I do not mind curtailing if the recipient lives outside of the country. Social Security Disability is one. SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is another. Both are cut off if you are outside of the country over 6 months. Medicare does not cover anyone outside the USA as far as I know.

I gotta ask.... why do you exempt state pension from the mix? If I worked for the Sate of Ohio all my life I could retire to Thailand without a loss of income? But I cannot take my a Federal pension with me?

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