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Comment Just watch the movie "Idiocracy" (Score 2) 311

The first 15 minutes explain everything. The average person is not interested in a thought provoking article on a politicians policy on government spending, details on a new medical procedure, or common sense advice on how to eat better. They want to know who the politician slept with (and what techniques they used), how someones plastic surgery went horribly wrong so they look like John Merrick, or what drug they can take to lose weight while stuffing their faces with fast food and Ding Dongs. (Ding Dongs are OK every so often ;-) People will buy or watch the latter material and ignore / not understand the other.

Comment Maybe they are shielding themselves (Score 1) 365

First, it seems the assumption is that any intelligent life would be like us and burn fuel, use lots of energy, set their thermostats too high, etc. Ignoring any other possible forms of life, maybe those that would produce a heat signature have learned to shield it to prevent detection.

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