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Comment: Get a Radio (Score 4, Insightful) 40

by jmanforever (#47917729) Attached to: Browser To Facilitate Text Browsing In Emergencies

People are foolish to rely on a mobile phone for anything during a disaster or wide-area emergency.

If you want reliable information in those times, get a battery powered AM radio, and tune to your local station.

Forget about the FM music stations, they are all automated, and will just keep on playing "more music per hour than..." No one is there.

Your locally owned, small-market, analog AM station will have someone there giving you needed information.

Radios are still available starting at around $10. More expensive models also have the VHF NOAA weather band - a big plus, as in many states, the weather service radio stations are also authorized to provide emergency information, weather related or not.

Comment: Re:Simple but effective (Score 2) 348

by jmanforever (#41412981) Attached to: Favorite way to add capsaicin to a dish:

Dave's is very hot, but it totally sucks in the flavor department. If you want a hot sauce that actually has GREAT FLAVOR, then try my personal favorites...
"Salsa Picante de Chili Habanero - Roja" from El Yucateco
"Liquid Summer" Florida datil pepper sauce from Bill Wharton, A.K.A. "The Sauce Boss"

Google 'em.

+ - FCC rules Verizon can't charge extra for tethering->

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jmanforever writes "In a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling, Verizon was ordered to stop charging users an additional fee for using their 4G smartphones and tablets as Wi-Fi hotspots, aka tethering. FCC: "Verizon Wireless offers customers its 4G LTE service on C Block spectrum. Verizon Wireless bid at auction to acquire that spectrum, understanding that it was accompanied by open device and application obligations. Specifically, licensees offering service on C Block spectrum 'shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C Block network.""
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Comment: Re:well, it IS a "test" (Score 1) 210

by jmanforever (#37975246) Attached to: FEMA, FCC Hope To Forestall Panic Over National Emergency Alert

Its not like its TV stations are going to pop up messages saying "ALERT! EMERGENCY! OH MY GOD! EVERYTHINGS OVER!" with no additional information. Its going to be like the EAS test that happens every single week. Not overriding video is IIRC tolerable under the FCC requirements. The audio message will be there like always.

Part of the problem, and the reason the FCC and FEMA are trying to get the work out early, is that the video text crawl will NOT indicate that it is a test. The audio portion will, but the text portion will say "A Primary Entry Point station has issued a National Emergency Action Notification for the United States beginning at 2:00 PM EST, valid until 3:00 PM EST"

This automatically generated text will show up on every TV screen whether connected to cable, satellite, or off-air antenna. If you are not listening to the sound, how would you know it is only a test? This is also the same text message you will see if you subscribe to one of the internet or cell phone text EAS services. There will be no indication of "only a test" anywhere on it.

YIAABE (Yes, I am a broadcast engineer)

Comment: Re:Old computers don't die, they just get repurpos (Score 1) 317

by jmanforever (#37242110) Attached to: I've lost more computers to ...

What's the oldest computer you have and what does it do now?

My oldest machine currently in service is a 14 year old Gateway 2000 E-3110 Pentium II, 300 MHz, 256MB RAM, 3 120GB IDE hard drives, stripped down version of Win-XP Pro with all un-needed services shut off.

I keep it in the basement running 24/7 with the monitor shut off. I use it as a NAS box, printer server for my home network, (serving an HP Laser-jet, and a Lexmark color ink-jet) and also as a "Magic Jack" server for my home phone service.

It still works great for those purposes, and I only have to reboot it about twice per year.

+ - Last major US record label is sold-> 1

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jmanforever writes "Several sites are reporting that Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik has agreed to buy Warner Music Group for $3.3 billion. The deal means that every one of the big four record label groups will be foreign owned.
Can the RIAA explain again why it is in the best interest of the United States to collect performance royalties from American radio stations and internet streaming sites, then send the money to Tokyo, Paris, London and now Moscow?"

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Comment: US Bank (Score 2) 180

by jmanforever (#35709508) Attached to: Epsilon Breach Affects JPMorgan Chase, Capital One

As a valued U.S. Bank customer, we want to make you aware of a situation that has occurred related to your email address.

We have been informed by Epsilon Interactive, a vendor based in Dallas, Texas, that files containing your email address were accessed by unauthorized entry into their computer system. Epsilon helps us send you emails about products and services that may be of interest to you.

We want to assure you that U.S. Bank has never provided Epsilon with financial information about you. For your security, however, we wanted to call this matter to your attention. We ask that you remain alert to any unusual or suspicious emails.

Please remember that U.S. Bank will never request information such as your personal ID, password, social security number, PIN or account number via email. For your safety, never share this or similar information in response to an email request at any time. To learn more about recognizing online fraud issues, visit:

In addition, if you receive any suspicious looking emails, please tell us immediately.
Call U.S. Bank Customer Service at 800-US-BANKS (800-872-2657).

The security of your information is important to us, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. As always, if you have any questions, or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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