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Comment: Re:not going to work (Score 1) 288

by jman451 (#31893094) Attached to: File Sharing Remains a Perk of College Life
Price discrimination, charging different people different prices for the same product is only viable when you have a monopoly. Since Photoshop basically has no competition they are able to inflate the price to significantly more than the market value.

There is also the issue of software being an infinite good, the marginal cost is $0, so the price should also be $0. Since the price isn't $0 the perception is that they shouldn't charge such huge fee's and that the company is ripping people off. Feeling ripped off causes people to forget the rules and take what they think they deserve.

Comment: Re:Partial quote, taken out of context (Score 1) 259

by jman451 (#19289015) Attached to: Apple Mac OS X Update For 17 Vulnerabilities
The quote could be interpreted in two ways.

1. There is a vulnerability disclosed in January that hasn't been fixed.
2. There are no more vulnerabilities to be fixed that were disclosed in January.

If you read the entire sentence from the summary:

"It also marked the first time this year that an operating system security update from Apple did not patch a vulnerability disclosed by the January Month of Apple Bugs project"
I would argue that either is meaning less because most of the time bugs are rank due to importance and there might not be any critical bus left to fix.

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