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Comment: Re:Flash was NOT cool in the begining (Score 3, Insightful) 188

by jlv (#49131113) Attached to: Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5

Scalar vector graphics and sound are cool, but Flash was not wonderful technology. Adobe was not to blame; they just bought the existing monster.

Flash was foremost a huge CPU waster. And an easy to use vector for all sorts of security exploits (because the original code from Macromedia was an abomination).

And don't forget, Flash was so important you shouldn't even be able to uninstall it.

Comment: Macromedia was evil first (Score 1) 188

by jlv (#49130989) Attached to: Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5

Bitching about Adobe only accounts for the last 10 years of Flash vulnerabilities. But, don't forget Flash was created by Macromedia, which was far more evil than Adobe. Macromedia used to not have an uninstaller for Flash, because they didn't want you to be able to uninstall it!

(this is where my reply meant to go, but I screwed it up and added it as a separate comment below)

Comment: Re:A programmer arrested for © infringement? (Score 1) 188

by jlv (#49050519) Attached to: MegaUpload Programmer Pleads Guilty, Gets a Year In Prison

An assembly line worker is no more an accomplice then the maker of the computer Andrus used.

On the other hand, I suspect if you were a worker hired to take a car and specifically enhance it to be part of the armed robbery (e.g,. make it a better getaway car), then they could try you as an accomplice.

Comment: Why use Chrome at all? (Score 1) 117

by jlv (#48849915) Attached to: With Community Help, Chrome Could Support Side Tabs Extension
I stopped using Chrome the *second* time it just stopped working correctly, because an extension I depended upon got "updated" and thus no longer worked. I can't stand having to figure out why things aren't working correctly anymore when I haven't changed anything. As long as it's impossible to lock down the software until *I* want to update it, I'll just opt out of Chrome.

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