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Comment That's (Score 4, Informative) 113

The Softpedia article claims
"Only Android devices are affected, iOS users are safe"

The paper cited only describes the vulnerabilities in terms of being researched on Android. Nowhere does it say that iOS cannot have these problems.

I didn't even see anything to this effect in the CERT postings.

Comment Re:Not ignoring the story is a good start! (Score 1) 384

Editor's note: I just got back from a busy weekend to see that a bunch of people are freaking out that we're "burying" this story, so here it is. Go hog wild. Sorry it took so long.

You said "sorry it took so long" but your excuse in the article doesn't match what you just said down here. It's long on bogosity.

Comment Re:Hybrid != EV (Score 1) 622

Grouping Hybrids and EVs together is just dumb. They aren't the same "type" of car. (and in my book, the Volt is a Hybrid).

I've been driving a LEAF for a year and I hope to never go back to a car with an ICE. Free fuel (solar and charging at work) beats cheap gas every time.

We're really considering replacing our 10 year old minivan with a Model S at this point. The space inside that car is incredible.

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