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Comment: Not Fair Use to rip CD to MP3? (Score 2, Interesting) 830

by jlsheldon (#14732571) Attached to: RIAA: Ripping CDs to iPod not 'Fair Use'
Isn't a CD just a container for PCM WAV files? Isn't a CD player a type of computer? Next, you are allowed to backup hard drives. You are allowed to compress hard drives. They contain software and other protected media, don't they? Why would it follow that we could not back up a CD and even compress it? Most software is okay to install on one computer at a time. My CD's are in storage once I rip them. The ripped songs all fit on my Archos. I listen to them thru that in my car, thru headphones, or attache via USB to any PC and listen there. What is the problem?

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