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Comment: Features (Score 1) 262

by jlebrech (#43944877) Attached to: What Features Does iOS 7 Need?

A VR desktop, something like oculus rift and leap motion combined. It also needs to display the keyboard in the virtual world and show where the fingers are.

Also the UX needs to be in 3D, so to operate a slider you have to move your hand forward for example, windows should be replaced with cubes, with the controls to maximize, minimize, force quit on the outside of the cube and the app is contained inside of that cube, the interface should look a bit like what tony stark sees in his ironman suit. The interface could obviously be designed to only be see from a single perspective, but if a control is on the z-axis it has to be operated on that axis be the user.

Comment: Re:The key question becomes (Score 1) 163

by jlebrech (#42689791) Attached to: Silicon Nanoparticles Could Lead To On-Demand Hydrogen Generation

The amount of energy required doesn't matter as long as it's made with clean energy and it's energy density is large enough.

You could then make nano particles in the Gobi desert with a solar station or with a LFTR nuclear reactor in china or india, or even create those in space.

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