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Comment: It's about time... (Score 1) 171

by jjsavage (#27942441) Attached to: Google Unveils Search Options and Google Squared
From TFA: "The company is asking web site authors to add microformats or RDFa standards, both of which are geared to allow information, like contact data, to be automatically processed by software." Is this the Semantic Web? After being 'right around the corner' for 20 frickin' years, it's finally lurching into being?? Huzzah!

Comment: Re:Incompetent Crowdsourcing (Score 1) 391

by jjsavage (#27855115) Attached to: Phony Wikipedia Entry Used By Worldwide Press

Realtors and buyers and auditors were not actually determining the real value of the houses they were trading, but were merely checking to see what everyone else thought the value was. So the result was a spiral of home prices that rose far beyond the true value.

The value of anything is always what everyone else thinks the value is - everything from stocks to houses to cheeseburgers. That's the magic of the economy. If everyone thinks a chicken is worth two loaves of bread, then that's the value of a chicken, by definition. If everyone then decides a chicken is worth three loaves of bread, that becomes the new value. There's no such thing as "true" value, in an objective sense. It's all just make-believe.


+ - HP Recruiting using Second Life

Submitted by virtualJobsGetPaidVirtualMoney
virtualJobsGetPaidVirtualMoney (1060730) writes "A Computer Science student graduating with a bachelor's degree looking for a full-time position has been contacted by HP for an virtual interview.

Representatives from Hewlett Packard have released the following opportunity. HP will be interviewing in the virtual world for real-world jobs! This is a first for HP and encourage students to try it out, especially if they are already Second Life players.
Interviewing is already so subjective, would this method of interviewing truly yield a qualified candidate?"

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw