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Comment: Cuz Minix was 50 bucks (Score 1) 469

by jjohn_h (#49636169) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

At that time downloading a couple of MB was quite difficult and the more so if you needed to store them on floppies.

Yes, Prentice-Hall released MINIX source code and binaries on floppy disk with a reference manual but it was priced at 50 bucks (A.D. 1992). I remember Tannebaun proclaiming that the price was right and students should pay up.

Comment: Groklaw updated! (Score 1) 170

by jjohn_h (#49287331) Attached to: Not Quite Dead: SCO Linux Suit Against IBM Stirs In Utah

A mystery man or woman updated the SCO timeline on Groklaw:

Unfortunately, no update of the legendary PJ comments. But the timeline shows that the judge granted partially and dismissed partially an IBM request for summary judgement in Dec. 2014.

Appeal to jurists with Pacer access: please report on SCO-IBM fight of the last two years. The case was revived (with IBM's consent) the same day Groklaw shut down.

Comment: Leave Opera 12.x alone! (Score 1) 167

by jjohn_h (#49203655) Attached to: Hands-On With the Vivaldi Browser

I have tried out Vivaldi and I'm disappointed. And not because of the bugs.

I'm disappointed because of the false claims that Vivaldi would be a follow-up to Opera 12.x.

It is not. It does not give me the features, the power, the freedom to counter the formatting and decoration and publicity shit of so many web pages - starting with the big ones. Starting with Slashdot, for example. I need a weapon against the styling idiots. Opera 12.x is such a weapon, Vivaldi is not, it is simply conformistic.

Comment: let's call it Liberty (Score 1) 148

by jjohn_h (#48938059) Attached to: LibreOffice Gets a Streamlined Makeover With 4.4 Release

I'm fully with you. RSM doesn't sleep because the adjective 'free' in English does not say what he wants to say. Get over it, Richard, you can't change it. Instead, find new names. LO would profit immensely without an akward combination of Spanish and English. Slashdot should start a contest for a good alternative among its readers. My entry is Liberty.

Comment: best anti-virus ever (Score 1) 467

by jjohn_h (#48891651) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

The last virus I fell victim to was a virus spreading around on diskettes with infected boot sector. That was 1991.

Since then the only viruses and malware running on my PC would be there by invitation. I let them in intentionally, had a look and kicked them out - fully in control.

Last week I just fancied getting a virus check of my storage devices and installed Bitfender. It modified my Windows BCD boot without asking and took over. It would not let me launch it on demand, no, it deemed itself so indispensable that it had always to be there in imperial role. It didn't like being offline. Kicked out in no time.

And what anti-virus was I using? Ah, an easy one. I browse around as lowly user without javascript, session cookies only. Sure, I must use javascript with some banks and travel agencies and Google Maps but I know them and wipe out all their settings afterwards. Otherwise I do not allow web sites to take over my machine. No, bastards, keep your dirty fingers off my files.

Comment: the real issue (Score 2) 139

The scientists did not stand accused of failing to warn against an earthquake. Not at all. Legend.

They were accused to have encouraged the town of Aquila to disregard threatening tremors and stay safely at home.

The town followed 'their' recommendation against the century old habits in an earthquake-prone region to run out and wait in the open air. Result was more then 300 deads.

The appeal court has decided that the fatal recommendations did not come from the scientists but from the inept, corrupt, opportunistic bureaucracy. Doubts about this version linger on.

+ - The end of PostGreSQL

Submitted by jjohn_h
jjohn_h writes: Every time some issue related to mySQL comes up, quicker than light the followers and believers of the PostGreSQL church are there to mud the waters. The chant is always the same: PostGreSQL is sooo superior, why use mySQL and why talk of mySQL in the first place. The gods have spoken, it's PostGreSQL and nothing else. Bad news for you, whiners: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter have extended mySQL to WebScaleSQL. I expected from you a collective harakiri, nothing else:

Comment: Disappointing and Puzzling (Score 1) 986

by jjohn_h (#44623359) Attached to: Joining Lavabit Et Al, Groklaw Shuts Down Because of NSA Dragnet

I have been reading Groklaw since its inception in May 2003 and I am fully convinced (i) that there is a lady XY that goes by the name of Pamela Jones or just pj; (ii) that she did an epochal job; and (iii) that I and everybody else own her big thanks.

However, Groklaw changed after the lady disappeared for a couple of months in 2009 and then returned without much explanations. I had the distinct impression that a small team was then at work of which she was still the leader and the main contributor. A law professor took over for a brief period and disappeared again.

The team have now discovered that they cannot hide the way they thought they could and wished they could. The reasons given by pj for closing down are totally unconvincing. Does she communicate day by day? Does she use the phone? Does she write letters? With the same logic she is offering for Groklaw's closure she would have to stop talking, phoning and writing. And breathing.

Comment: Best defense in the universe: no javascript (Score 1) 520

by jjohn_h (#44506285) Attached to: China Has a Massive Windows XP Problem

Once upom time I did care about updating my XP. Then about 3 years ago the updates stopped installing, they would loop forever. Apparently a MS bug. They released a fix, the fix didn't work for me.

The news: no malware, no virus, no intruders for the past 3 years. The recipe: no javascript. And even Slashdot becomes readable.

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