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+ - The end of PostGreSQL

Submitted by jjohn_h
jjohn_h (674302) writes "Every time some issue related to mySQL comes up, quicker than light the followers and believers of the PostGreSQL church are there to mud the waters. The chant is always the same: PostGreSQL is sooo superior, why use mySQL and why talk of mySQL in the first place. The gods have spoken, it's PostGreSQL and nothing else. Bad news for you, whiners: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter have extended mySQL to WebScaleSQL. I expected from you a collective harakiri, nothing else:"

Comment: Disappointing and Puzzling (Score 1) 986

by jjohn_h (#44623359) Attached to: Joining Lavabit Et Al, Groklaw Shuts Down Because of NSA Dragnet

I have been reading Groklaw since its inception in May 2003 and I am fully convinced (i) that there is a lady XY that goes by the name of Pamela Jones or just pj; (ii) that she did an epochal job; and (iii) that I and everybody else own her big thanks.

However, Groklaw changed after the lady disappeared for a couple of months in 2009 and then returned without much explanations. I had the distinct impression that a small team was then at work of which she was still the leader and the main contributor. A law professor took over for a brief period and disappeared again.

The team have now discovered that they cannot hide the way they thought they could and wished they could. The reasons given by pj for closing down are totally unconvincing. Does she communicate day by day? Does she use the phone? Does she write letters? With the same logic she is offering for Groklaw's closure she would have to stop talking, phoning and writing. And breathing.

Comment: Best defense in the universe: no javascript (Score 1) 520

by jjohn_h (#44506285) Attached to: China Has a Massive Windows XP Problem

Once upom time I did care about updating my XP. Then about 3 years ago the updates stopped installing, they would loop forever. Apparently a MS bug. They released a fix, the fix didn't work for me.

The news: no malware, no virus, no intruders for the past 3 years. The recipe: no javascript. And even Slashdot becomes readable.

Comment: living without updates (Score 1) 712

by jjohn_h (#43389117) Attached to: Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

About two years ago my WinXP SP3 stopped updating. The update would start but went into grinding never coming to an end. It was actually a widespread problem at the time, apparently a bug on Microsoft's side, apparently fixed by Microsoft after a while. I tried plenty of suggestions, nothing helped, as of today my system does not update. I never bothered to reinstall from scratch.

So what? You go on the Net without administrative rights, Javascript is disabled and you can relax. But those exploits that attack you anyway? Well, I infected my machine intentionally with a boot virus. I collected information running WinXP under the virus. Then I booted into Ubuntu and had a look at \Windows\System32 to see the intruders. Essentially, I neutralised the infection by hand although in the end I restored the partition anyway.

+ - Challenging challenge questions

Submitted by jjohn_h
jjohn_h (674302) writes "My NY bank likes to use challenge questions before allowing access to accounts. However, when they do not find their cookie they challenge you with unregistered fancy questions (which of course will lead to failure).

Is this practice actually widespread and what can be done against it? In this particular case, the bank claims 'security reasons' and are unwilling to discuss the issue."

Comment: Fragmentation? Choice! (Score 1) 337

by jjohn_h (#43151049) Attached to: More From Canonical Employee On: "Why Mir?"

It was not easy but I forced myself to walk the fine G+ thread and I learnt a couple of things.

* There is plenty of animosity between RedHat and Canonical.

* Wayland is not the personal initiative of some individuals. RedHat is fully behind it.

* The Wayland developers were or are X developers.

* X is already sentenced but the death sentence will never be publicly executed. X will slowly disappear while "What's exactly wrong with X?" will linger on from here to eternity.

* Mark Shuttleworth used to be a classical South African pale male: a wrapper of soft talk around a core of hard lies. He can be sincere and rough now. Kudos to him.

* The meme has changed. No more "Linux is all about choice", rather "Don't fragment Linux".

* Mir isn't going to fail as some Redhatters wish to think but it will undergo a dozen reincarnations before its final release to users.

* I really hope I'm wrong here but it appears that neither Wayland nor Mir are in any hurry to modify the crappiest aspect of X as far as users are concerned: keyboard input.

Comment: Backfire and back again (Score 1) 305

by jjohn_h (#42794789) Attached to: Piriform Asks BleachBit To Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

So competing does not necessarily means innovating, striving to be good, striving to accommodate customers. No, it includes hindering or sabotaging others who happen to offer products or services similar to yours.

However, I was kind of sure that the hindering and sabotage approach was a preserve of the biggies, say Apple or Microsoft. I was wrong: even swat flies like Piriform try it.

Piriform can relax, lucky they are: the publicity boost they are giving to BleachBit will have no lasting effect. BleachBit desperately needs a new interface and it seems they are genetically incapacitated to do it.

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