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+ - Layoffs begin at Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment)

Submitted by jjohn24680
jjohn24680 (1050922) writes "There are several sources who are reporting layoffs at Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) today. Notable layoffs include Linda "Brasse" Carlson (former Global Community Relations Lead) and Dave Georgeson (former Director of Development / Franchise Director for Everquest, EverQuest II, and EverQuest Next / Landmark). This post from Daybreak Games has some additional information as well."

Comment: Re:Donutleaks strikes again! (Score 1) 185

by jjohn24680 (#34547508) Attached to: Sheriff's Online Database Leaks Info On Informants

BTW, opium is morphine-based, and morphine is perfectly legal, and used by hospitals worldwide every day.

Morphine may be "legal" but it is not legally available for public consumption in the U.S. It is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act and can only be prescribed by a licensed physician. Therefore, your implication that morphine = opium in this context is not valid.

Comment: Re:A great victory for free speech! (Score 1) 1070

by jjohn24680 (#30851114) Attached to: Supreme Court Rolls Back Corporate Campaign Spending Limits

Corporations are voluntary contracts between individuals, and those individuals have rights, period. If some of you Slashdot commies fail to comprehend that, that is your problem and yours alone.

I agree, those individuals do have rights. So, let those individuals pay for the advertisements. If a collective of individuals wishes to pay for the advertisement, they can give an individual the money to pay for it. The bottom line for me is that the rights are a person's rights, a U.S. Citizen's rights, not a corporation's rights. Let the person spend the money and put their name on the advertisement. Does it become inconvenient for them to do this? Yes, but inconvenience is not an excuse. If some Chinese corporation wants to pay a U.S. Citizen to run a political advertisement here in the U.S., let them. As long as a U.S. Citizen puts their name on the bottom line, let them do it. They can bear the responsibility. Oh, yea, that's the whole issue. Nobody wants to be responsible for the advertisement by putting their name on it. But that's a whole different issue.

Comment: Re:Um...guys.... (Score 4, Interesting) 128

by jjohn24680 (#29987708) Attached to: PayPal Introduces Open API
PayProFlow is their credit card payment gateway, and handles other kinds of related transactions (debit cards, pre-funded cards). It appears this API ties to their main payment system (transfer funds between PayPal accounts) rather than credit cards. The company I work for uses their gateways to process transactions for both credit cards and also payments between PayPal accounts. Currently, if someone wants to receive a payment from us, they have to go to the PayPal website and create an account there. Once they have an account, we can use the existing API to transfer funds. From the article, it appears that you can use this API to create a new account, which is something that I don't believe can be done at this point.

Comment: Re:Still not clear. (Score 1) 324

by jjohn24680 (#17777032) Attached to: eBay Delisting All Auctions for Virtual Property
Why? Why does someone spend $300 for a tennis racket? Why does someone spend $1000 for a set of golf clubs? A tennis racket can be purchased for $50. A set of golf clubs can be purchased for $150. Why spend so much? Buying better items gives you the opportunity to better enjoy what you are trying to do. Yes, if you wanted to, you could sell the tennis racket and the golf club when you get tired of playing. You can also sell your character if you get tired of playing the game. Spending the money is simply an attempt to improve how you play what you play. Some people realize that they can compensate for some of the time they do not have to invest in improvement by purchasing things which will also improve them within their game. Do you look upon the person who purchased the $1000 with ridicule and scorn because they spent $1000 for a set of golf clubs? (I do.)

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