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Target already does this.  *Wednesday December 12, 2012 @11:40PM  1
   attached to How Websites Know Your Email Address the First Time You Visit
Automation does not automatically = Unemployment  *Monday December 10, 2012 @10:28PM  1
   attached to A US Apple Factory May Be Robot City
Spot the Perp Contest!  *Monday August 13, 2012 @06:36PM  1
   attached to Is Sexual Harassment Part of Hacker Culture?
Glad B&N is fighting this!  *Friday November 18, 2011 @03:34PM  2
   attached to B&N Pummels Microsoft Patent Claims With Prior Art
About time  *Wednesday November 16, 2011 @07:45PM 1 2
   attached to Rambus Loses $4B Antitrust Case
Fell off a truck  *Wednesday November 16, 2011 @07:51PM  1
   attached to AFL-CIO and Big Content Advocate For SOPA
Ad-hoc+TOR+1 working link to the Internet  *Thursday October 06, 2011 @01:07PM  1
   attached to HADOPI To Disconnect 60 People In France
Feel free to take the stereo too.  *Friday July 29, 2011 @03:19PM 1 1
   attached to Microsoft Exposes Locations of PCs and Phones
Wii/PS3 hack?  *Thursday November 11, 2010 @06:40PM 1 1
   attached to Kinect Hacked, Adafruit Bounty Won
Humans that are carryon size only  *Thursday November 11, 2010 @09:40PM  1
   attached to What security policy will the TSA adopt next?
This is a technical problem not a social one.  *Friday August 20, 2010 @08:57PM  1
   attached to Building a Traffic Radar System To Catch Reckless Drivers?
Flawed Comparisons  *Monday August 09, 2010 @05:55PM  1
   attached to Just One Out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back In Gas Savings
Re:Patent Office penalties  *Wednesday July 23, 2008 @02:08PM  1
   attached to Nintendo Loses Controller Patent Lawsuit
Speculation On the Doomed Satellite  *Monday January 28, 2008 @07:13PM  1
   attached to Speculation On the Doomed Satellite
Nintendo Game & Watch  *Tuesday January 15, 2008 @02:45PM  1
   attached to What Was Your First Gaming Experience?
Feed a kid for a lifetime.  *Sunday December 09, 2007 @05:14PM  1
   attached to Dvorak Slams OLPC As 'Naive Fiasco'
Re:You are confusing evolution with science.  *Monday August 20, 2007 @01:10AM 1 1
Re:You are confusing evolution with science.  *Monday August 20, 2007 @01:08AM  1
You are confusing evolution with science.  *Saturday August 18, 2007 @12:15AM 1 1
   attached to Putting Anti-Evolution Candidates On the Spot
Adstruction not Advertising  *Tuesday October 11, 2005 @12:01AM  1
   attached to Why Do You Block Ads?
Re:I did a project like this  *Saturday October 18, 2003 @04:15PM  1
Re:Dancefloors  *Saturday October 18, 2003 @03:13PM  1
   attached to ElectAura-Net, a 10-Mbit/second Body Network
Re:DAMN!  *Saturday October 18, 2003 @02:19PM  1
Re:DAMN!  *Saturday October 18, 2003 @02:15PM  1
   attached to Diebold Issues Cease and Desist to Indymedia