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Comment: Re:Graphics were great, software, not so much (Score 2) 374

Agree. Relying on Quicktime thus relying on Apple was a big down fall. I really enjoyed playing Myst until I needed to update Quicktime then it broke everything., After a short time could not even install Myst because it was incomparable with the version of Apples Quicktime. It was not possible to downgrade Quicktime in order to get Myst to install. When it was working correctly the puzzle and game play were well thought out but the interface was too slow. There was a lot of waiting for the next stage of the story to be told. Disagree about body count.

Solar Machine Spins Sunlight-Shaped Furniture 71

Posted by samzenpus
from the just-because-you-can-do-something dept.
Mike writes "Austrian designers mischer'traxler have created a solar powered machine that makes an incredible array of furnishings that vary based on how much sunlight it receives over the course of a day. Titled 'The Idea of a Tree,' the machine spins spools of thread into stools, benches, containers, and lamp shades that wax and wane as the available sunlight shifts. Furniture created during cloudy winter days will be wrapped more slowly, causing it to be darker in color, thicker, and smaller than pieces created during the sun-soaked summer months."
Hardware Hacking

+ - How to Laser Tag (i.e. graffiti) a Building

Submitted by
John3 writes "The Graffiti Research Lab has posted video of laser graffiti they created on a Rotterdam building. The effect is very cool, and a complete guide on how they did it is posted on Theodore Watson's website. All you need is a laptop, LCD projector, and laser and you too can graffiti buildings without any permanent damage (unless you fry the retinas of a curious late night janitor). The GRL site states they are "dedicated to outfitting graffiti artists with open source technologies for urban communication" and there are several other examples of previous high-tech graffiti experiments, including drive-in GIF theater."

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