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Comment: Re:The new start screen is great (Score 1) 294

"I have only seen Win8 once, and was unable to help the owner of the laptop it was on in do anything at all." So you're not a tech person then, can't use google? My Dad is computer illiterate and upgrade to W8 from W7 without any help. How do people survive on Max OSX without a start menu? I think people like to complain about nothing.

Comment: The new start screen is great (Score 1) 294

But I never used it or the start menu. I always though the start menu was for people that liked to be inefficient. I pin stuff I use a lot to the task bar and for other stuff, Win key, type a few chars. And now I pin those to the start screen but its still faster to Win key, type a few chars. Win 8 is fine, better than Win 7, and miles better than XP. It's the "in thing" to complain about MS so it doesn't matter if the OS is good or not.

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