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Comment: Re:Portugal (Score 4, Insightful) 74

by jimduchek (#31444586) Attached to: T-Mobile's First HSPA+ Modem Goes On Sale Sunday

The problem with the US market when it comes to broadband, wireless tech, etc vs. Europe or Japan is population density. US cities (It's an American mentality, I suppose) tend to sprawl out, and most of the country is rural, but still fairly populated. Most countries have a higher density (the US is 178th), and most of the non-3rd-world ones that are lower (Canada, Russia, Brazil, etc) have large areas that are entirely unpopulated (and thus don't need to be taken into account for density when it comes to rolling out tech). Not to mention the US is freakin' huge to begin with -- Portugal is a little smaller than Maine, our 38th biggest state. But with a population of 10 million, that's more than Michigan, our 8th most populous state. Rolling out a technology here in the US requires an _enormous_ outlay of cash because of the area that needs to be covered in order to cover enough people to make it worthwhile.

Comment: Enlightenment 17 (Score 1) 460

by jimduchek (#30940768) Attached to: 2 Displays and 2 Workspaces With Linux and X?

Enlightenment 17 is the only WM (aside from, I think, a tiling one called 'Awesome') that lets you change desktops on a per-monitor basis while having TwinView or Xinerama active (so you can drag windows between). Compiz ought to be able to do it, but for some reason does not. Expect some stability issues with E17, though. I ended up going back to seperate screens, as I don't drag between monitors often and E17 crashes too much.

Comment: Don't sell yourself cheap. (Score 3, Insightful) 245

by jimduchek (#30795726) Attached to: Providing a Closed Source License Upon Request?

Some companies are concerned about the 'viral' nature of the GPL in particular (some suit read an article about open source that talked about the GPL, and now 'open source' == GPL in his head) There are still many unresolved questions about the GPL in the US, as I'm aware it's only been rarely if ever tested in most jurisdictions in an actual court of law.

Personally, I expect to be compensated for my time and effort. This needn't be in money -- I release free software as a 'gift' for the community because I (and most of us) have received many such gifts in kind (Indeed, almost all the software I use, from the kernel down to the tiniest little nifty script) was a 'gift' to me by other members of the community). A commercial interest, on the other hand, will have to find some other way to compensate me for my work, as they (typically) are not part of the 'community' that has already compensated me for my time. Cash works well.

Comment: This guy is a dick. (Score 1) 18

by jimduchek (#29454969) Attached to: Tweetidor, the Humidor That Tweets

What is up with appliances having to use twitter? There's been a serious rash of pointlessly tweeting appliances that are, for some reason, getting linked from /. "For cigar aficianados, this means a lot". No, it means you're a dick who wants to show off your cigars and expensive toys. If you care about the condition of your cigars, have it text/email/whatever YOU. That's kind of cool, and useful. Why is twitter necessary for this? (For that matter, why is twitter necessary for anything, but that's besides the point)

P.S. Obligatory "/. has gone downhill in the last few years" comment.

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