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Comment Re:Honda Diesel? (Score 1) 420

I always saw Slashdot as a global site where readers will determine relevance or personal interest themselves so I think the title is fine, let readers figure out themselves whether they have a diesel Honda, Mazda, etc..

Compiling lists of countries not having one or more of these diesel cars seems like a lot of work.

Comment Re:Will Use Neither (Score 3, Insightful) 100

Meh, people are so often binary. Unfortunately the world isn't as simple as "A is far better than B". While I prefer the way KeePass handles its data, the various browser plugins handling form data (inserting/extracting) seem much inferior to Lastpass. Using it in a browser is my main use case.

I really want to use KeePass but it'll need to be a bit smoother in browsers first. I'm sure it will be.

Comment Re:What is Plex? (Score 1) 89

...just a very expensive compact computer

I think the price is very reasonable, I bought one AppleTV for $69 that I use in one room and for the other room a Raspberry Pi2 with OSMC. With all the extras (cables, 5GHz Wifi, Powered hub) the Pi2 ended up costing more but was fun to setup. I can stream movies and music to both from a Seagate NAS.

All in all I'm happy with both, they work fine with my TVs and I wouldn't call any of them expensive. I also think calling users idiots says a lot more about you than them.

Comment Life (Score 1) 242

I guess I'm lucky that's not a concern in my segment; embedded software. At least as far as I've experienced. Different technologies are simply tools, new or old, that are learned as needed and job finding happens just as often based on personal networks as anything, after enough years in the industry.

Good thing because most of the many excellent software engineers I've worked with does not nerd away on github after hours; they spend time with their children or spouse, go to the pub, play sports, etc. A lot of them don't care one way or another about open source either. If excited about the work we put in overtime, making hobbyist projects at home even less likely, though they do occur - of course there are exceptions to everything...

Comment Re:Very nifty, but... (Score 1) 62

Oh the intolerance, you sound like a Redditor... Speaking of which; I dislike the rampant abuse of car analogies when your position is easily explained/understood, even if it is a popular practice here.

Anyway, I know about SpaceShipOne, Rutan and how feathering works but I don't mind the occasional re-post because sometimes I miss posts and sometimes something is just cool and I enjoy being reminded of it years later. If I'm not interested, I scroll past it. As long as re-posts are not flooding the site I'm happy. Why fuss?!

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 484

Mhmm, those assumptions are clouding the issue: you can easily put the Windows swapfile on any partition of your choice and have swapfiles on multiple partitions if that tickles your fancy. You can created a partition just for the swapfile if you want and years ago it was popular among enthusiasts getting a fast dedicated HDD just for the windows swapfile - before we all started putting gigantic amounts of RAM in our boxes.

But whatever difference the two approaches have between them in performance it's probably negligible compared to the penalty of using swap in the first place, in many cases anyway if not all.

Comment Re:Anecdotal evidence (Score 1) 241

People always righteously wave that book about as if it was some little known religious text of ultimate authority, without knowing the nature of the project in question.
It is true, there are a lot of really good points in that book. Any project or engineering manager should know it and I've known too many who didn't. I've seen the prophecies sadly come true too many times.

However, we have no idea how Microsoft achieved this; was it a fully staffed project with specific deadlines? Was it many separate projects (an OS could have many areas to examine), possibly scattered in time? A small working group? A long running initiative with domain experts pulled in as needed and no specific deadline? Was it initially small but then grew as different separate problem domains were discovered? A specific goal allocated within each OS project? Etc. etc.

Until we know how they ran the initiative (or initiatives) we can't say at all whether adding more people would be or were bad.

Comment All and None (Score 1) 484

They all "just work" for a lot of users. However, you can't make something as complex as a modern smartphone without bugs. Enormous amounts of testing are done on these devices prior to shipping trying to ensure a good user experience but they will never be bug free. The ultimate test is always millions of users.

Then add flaky wifi/cell networks and 3rd party apps into the mix, just to complicate matters further.

Your case sounds extreme though.

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