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Comment: Re:Illegal. (Score 4, Informative) 405

by jibjibjib (#46032715) Attached to: Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service

The number listed was posted on Network Solutions' official Twitter account, the same account which explicitly said that the email is real. It really is their official Twitter account; their website links to it, and checking reveals that their website has linked to it for quite some time. (Network Solutions' parent company) has also responded in other ways, confirming this story. For example, see .

Comment: Re:It's about control of information (Score 1) 192

by jibjibjib (#45581321) Attached to: Final Days For Australia's Analog TV

I don't know what system they're using in Singapore (or whether perhaps your inability to tune particular channels is just an issue of signal strength), but digital TV in general is not some conspiracy to control information.

Anyone with the right equipment can transmit a digital TV signal, and anyone with a TV and an antenna can receive it. Just like analog.

Comment: Re:OUCH (Score 1) 479

by jibjibjib (#44781655) Attached to: Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn

You seem to be concluding that we shouldn't lecture about personal responsibility because that won't give him another chance.

Calling it luck or saying "we could all die at some point" isn't going to give him another chance either, so I don't see how your conclusion follows from your premise.

Comment: Re:Wrong. (Score 1) 345

by jibjibjib (#42280849) Attached to: Hotmail & Yahoo Mail Using Secret Domain Blacklist

RTFS. He's not claiming that there's an almost perfect spam filter being suppressed by a conspiracy.

He's making the very plausible claim that spam filters naturally err on the side of false positives, to the detriment of the users, because false positives are a less visible problem than false negatives.

Comment: Re:Nothing new here (Score 3, Interesting) 657

by jibjibjib (#42102769) Attached to: Windows 8 PCs Still Throttled By Crapware

Yes, I'm serious. But if my comment is as moronic as you seem to think it is, maybe you can actually help me. I have a couple of computers here which came with OEM crapware Windows and no clean install media (only the option to create crapware recovery discs). How do I get a free, legal, clean Windows installation?

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