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Comment: Its not all bad. (Score 4, Insightful) 1010

by jhobbs (#43420169) Attached to: Windows 8 Killing PC Sales
Windows 8 isn't that bad.
Just add the start button back. is my fav but does cost $5, is free.
5 more dollars to put all those "apps" back in a window with an icon on the taskbar
And here is a great article for switching default apps back, getting rid of the swipe screen, etc.
Tell people you are a Consultant and you can charge them to do this stuff for them.
And just when you think you've charged everyone money for fixing what Microsoft broke, Microsoft will do you a solid and sell them all something else they hate and will pay you to "make work like it used to."
Oh and if you think Microsoft is desperate and just burning money to be like Apple, you're right. They are offering a $100 an app for up to 15 apps for college students to write pretty much anything and fill their apps store with crap for Win8. Google for one of their App Camps and make yourself some quick cash.

Comment: Arkansas DMV (Score 2) 178

by jhobbs (#42746511) Attached to: DMVs Across the Country Learning Textspeak
As an Arkansan, let me first point out, we don't have a DMV. License plates are handled by the Revenue Department. The Revenue Department is where money changes hands. . . business license, hunting license, boat registration, driver's license, sales tax, assessment? All in the same damn line. That Chinese fire drill of an office is busy enough, I can assure you no one is reviewing your plate. Case in point, I have a gay friend that got away with a plate that says PWR BTM. Honest to god. He has it on a white truck with a black racing stripe on the hood, so they call it the wide receiver. If that passed the revenue office, anything will.

Comment: Re:Secret HOW? Nice Headline Slashdot... (Score 1) 232

by jhobbs (#41395117) Attached to: Apple's Secret Plan To Join iPhones With Airport Security
Personal problem. You choose to live in a state where toll roads are a legal option for funds generation for the state highway department. We have four constitutional branches of government in Arkansas. Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Transportation. Since they can't spend money they don't have (constitutional pay-as-you-go state) they only way to go into debt is to ask voters to approve a bond and associated increase in tax. No toll booths. Never had em, never will. I'm sure if they did build one it would last about as long as motorcycle helmet laws or vehicle inspections did.

Comment: Re:Targeted Ads. (Score 1) 106

by jhobbs (#40352607) Attached to: Banking On Your Personal Online Data
I will say this, Hulu is a much better solution than Cable and a Tivo. I just wish they would put a little more effort into targeting ads. This probably has as much to do with the advertisers as anything. I'm sure after a half century of television advertising models, the advertisers till tag their ads as "Gender", "Region", "Time of day" or something similar. Perhaps as ad targeting evolves, both advertisers and media companies will relize the benefits of specific targeting.

Instead of expensive blanket advertising, much cheaper limited run, very targeted ads could gain traction as lots of smaller companies can then afford to get a higher turn for dollars spent. The media companies could benefit from this as well, making money on volume instead of a few deep pocketed advertisers.

It would stand to reason that this would make sense to the companies relying on advertising revenue as it would make them less susceptible to the whims of a few large clients.

Comment: Re:Personal questions (Score 1) 106

by jhobbs (#40352363) Attached to: Banking On Your Personal Online Data
Why does everyone assume that because you are gay your are promiscuous?
You are correct on travel. Fortunately I love what I do and never really crave a vacation to get away from it.
All that said, what's wrong with wanting to see ads for things I would like to buy? (e.g. Electronics, Cars, Food, Appliances, Furniture, or anything for my dog.)

Comment: Re:Targeted Ads. (Score 1) 106

by jhobbs (#40352243) Attached to: Banking On Your Personal Online Data
Unfortunately, I have to watch on my computer to be able to provide that feedback. I generally only watch Hulu on my living room television. The only time my feedback ever changed the ads I received was when I wrote to them over the eHarmony ads I was receiving. I complained about the ads because I didn't want to see ads from a company with an anti-gay history(1,2,3). I will say, however, after I wrote, they responded promptly saying they would forward the complaint to marketing and I never saw the ads again. As far as clicking "No" on "Is this ad relevant to you?" I've watched a few shows on my computer with the specific intent on clicking "No" for the Charter Communications ads. At one point around half the ads I saw were for a cable company that doesn't even do business where I live.


Comment: Targeted Ads. (Score 4, Funny) 106

by jhobbs (#40348867) Attached to: Banking On Your Personal Online Data
I'll happily share anything and everything advertisers want to know about me if I could ever just get ads that were relevant to me. As an example, Hulu gave me ads for diapers, Charter Cable Internet, and Gucci Cologne in the last show I watched. Charter isn't in my area, I hate kids (and I'm gay so the odds of an accidental one are near zero), and I buy unscented everything. Facebook's targeted ads are just as awful. I mean, its like no one wants my money. And with no wife or kids and my own business I have plenty of it to spend.

Comment: Re:Ironic her sight disables right clicking... (Score 1) 418

by jhobbs (#40198487) Attached to: Copyright Infringer Tries To Shut Down Reporting On Her Infringement
I never have understood blocking right-clicking. I right click every link I want to explore and open it in a new tab. So those little JavaScript warnings are nothing but a nuisance that makes me clicking a few extra times to add their domain to my JavaScript blacklist. And really, how many people don't know that everything you look at online is stored (at least temporarily) on the computer somewhere. I bet you a solid 75% of married men know this, as well as where the cache is and how to clear it.

+ - Microsoft revamps chkdsk in Windows 8 to minimize downtime->

Submitted by
techfun89 writes: "Microsoft is proclaiming that with Windows 8 they have revamped the process of checking the disk for errors and it is faster and less disruptive than ever before. A lot of the checking for errors is now done on the fly, behind the scenes.

Along with a tweak of the chkdsk utility comes the tweaking of the NTFS file system. In the past the NTFS "health model" saw the machine's hard disk as a single unit that was either in good shape or damaged.

"Downtime was directly proportional to the number of files in the volume," according to a post by Kiran Bangalore, senior program manager of the Windows Core Storage and File Systems.

With Windows 8, the NTFS system scans for problems in the background while the system is online and initial attempts to fix the issue are done on-the-fly. If it can't be fixed while the system is online the details are logged so the time to fix is shorter when offline. Microsoft has termed the downtime from fixing the system "SpotFix"."

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