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Comment PRMan on NeXT (Score 1) 147

NeXT computers came with prman, a pretty early version of it: no motion blur for instance. And of course, it was a bit much to expect great results when viewed on a 2-bit gray and white display. It was one of those things thrown into the mix to see if it could fly, like the complete works of Shakespeare, indexed, and NeXTMail, which let you include multimedia in email (predating MIME). Funny that it wasn't bundled with OS X.

Comment Availability and Responsiveness (Score 1) 529

The real metric they should have looked at - since it's the main complaint of the managers - was availability. Availability needs are different for different aspects of work. The other half of that is responsiveness: getting the answers and clearances for your work from the stake holders involved.
  Neither of those things have anything to do with location.
In my previous job, a lot of deployments were done in the wee hours of the night, and the fact that most of us were telecommuters meant that communication wasn't any different form a normal work environment.

Yahoo's real problem is that nobody without a legacy attachment to it needs it at all.

Comment Why do you think it's a watch? (Score 1) 291

Just because it's a piece of curved glass on your wrist, it might not be a watch. I'm thinking of the ring-like projectors in Zardoz. Siri + projected virtual touch interface means lightweight ubiquitous cloud access.

Apple should skip "TV" monitors anyway and go straight to projection.

Also "Dick Tracy" referrers: Detective Tracy was just the end user, the inventor was Diet Smith.

Comment Wave commentary (Score 1) 255

It's true that the Google Wave UI is pretty confusing. But I've been wanting to design an email replacement protocol that sits on XMPP for a while now and was happy to see that happen. That it also attempts to solve other problems, like capturing threading in a sensible way, allowing data to be presented in multiple forms and allowing robots to participate in these conversations, really sums up and simplifies a lot of issues in communication in general.

Comment I was playing some rolls yesterday (Score 1) 117

I've got a working Ampico reproducing baby grand piano and lots of rolls, mostly from the 20s and 30s . New rolls have never been important as patching up the decaying paper on the old ones.
Ampico rolls have dynamics info coded in them and they have been considered as accurate digital records of long dead piano virtuosos - although, like all digital recordings, these were heavily edited. I especially recommend any four-hands rolls!

QRS rolls were always more pop oriented - cheesier in their arrangements, but functional.

I'd love to get a roll cutter of course - something always in the back of my mind.

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