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Hardware Hacking

+ - Roll your own HDTV & video-streaming DVR

Submitted by
lisah writes: "Ready to kick Tivo to the curb now that they no longer have lifetime subscriptions? Nathan Willis has unearthed a little gem of an alternative from Silicondust called HDHomeRun, a Linux- and OS X-supported, dual-tuner HDTV receiver that will also stream video right over your network. For just $169, this standalone unit will tune over-the-air and cable HDTV signal, and additional downloads from the company website will turn HDHomeRun into a fully functional DVR complete with scheduled recording and time-shifting capabilities. Although the basic software included with the unit is not much more than a command-line tool, the Linux community is already developing third-party apps that make this a truly useful alternative to expensive monthly service subscription fees."

+ - Logical spreadsheets

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Roland Piquepaille
Roland Piquepaille writes: "In the last 20 years, spreadsheets have become essential tools. Still, they have some limitations. In particular, if they handle mathematical computations, they're not designed to deal with logical formulas. Now, computer scientists at Stanford University have developed a prototype of a logical spreadsheet using logic instead of math to help us with data management in an innovative way. The U.S. Army would like to use the technology to organize troop deployment and training. And Stanford is already using it to schedule classes, events and rooms. The next step will be to integrate this technology on the Web to replace the forms that we routinely fill by 'websheets.' Read more for additional references and an illustration showing a room management system created using such a logical spreadsheet."

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